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Law Society Wants to See more Disabled Staff Recruited

Posted in General News on Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

Employers from the legal sector have been given guidance by the law society which outlines the reasonable adjustments which firms and organisations within the sector could make to help them recruit more disabled members of staff. The release of this guidance follows on from a report issued by the Law Society and Cardiff Business School. In this report, entitled ‘Legally Disabled?’, it clearly states that disabled people have been largely overlooked when it comes to improving diversity and inclusion in the solicitors’ profession. Law Society President, Stephanie Boyce said: “Many of these adjustments are simple and cheap to implement. Changing the office layout and positioning, providing a suitcase for files, the option for flexible or hybrid working and adjusting roles within teams can go a long way in making disabled colleagues feel comfortable and able to function at their best at work. It is important for employers to approach discussions with their disabled employees positively and constructively. The Legally Disabled? research highlighted how stressful and demoralising it is for disabled people within the legal profession constantly to have to ask for and justify adjustments.”

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