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Road Maintenance Issues Continue

Posted in General News on Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

As many as 32% of UK drivers have had their car damaged by potholes according to a survey of 2,000 people conducted by Citroen. The average repair bill for damage caused by potholes is £141.95 and 11% of drivers have to pay more than £251 for a pothole related repair. Nearly 25% of the drivers surveyed had attempted to claim the repair costs back from their local council. Pothole related repairs cost local authorities nearly £6 million in compensation in 2019/20 according to data supplied by the Asphalt Industry Alliance. Their report revealed that a pothole is repaired every 21 seconds in England and Wales. However local authorities are facing carriageway maintenance short falls of around £826.6 million a year, 9% of the road network is thought to be in poor condition and likely to require maintenance within 12 months. Eurig Druce, Managing Director of Citroen UK, said: “It is concerning to find that potholes have caused damage to nearly a third of drivers’ cars across England and Wales. Local authorities have a lot of issues to solve and this will take time.”

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