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High Levels of Electric Vehicle Satisfaction

Posted in General News on Monday, January 18th, 2021

According to a survey of 2,000 electric vehicle owners conducted by Zap Motoring 91% of these people would not switch back to a vehicle powered by petrol of diesel. Only 8% of the respondents said they were unsure, and just 1% said that they missed their previous vehicle. The majority of the people who responded to the survey (73%) said that they were driving their first electric vehicle with 52% having switched within the last year. The survey also revealed that the electric vehicles with the highest satisfaction rates included the Volkswagen ID.3, the Kia Niro plug-in hybrid and the BMW 3 Series saloon. All of these models received 100% satisfaction rating. RAC spokesperson, Rod Dennis commented: “While would-be electric car drivers might worry about range anxiety, they should also be aware that the number public charge points is increasing rapidly and infrastructure continues to improve. They should also remember that the vast majority of their journeys are unlikely to be over several hundred miles, meaning that for day-to-day travel, operating an electric vehicle is a clean and cost-effective option."

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Paul Robert Walker's Gravatar
Paul Robert Walker

Wednesday, January, 20th, 2021

By default, "surveys" have never figured in my agenda as they are so easily manipulated to give whatever response is actually required by those conducting the survey. As far as I'm concerned, Hell will freeze over before I EVER buy an electric or hybrid vehicle. Range anxiety (in many cases) for "realistic" use is not really a problem nowadays for most people unless they're going away on holiday, or to see distant relatives. In order to continue being a realist, over the last 12 months or so, I've had on extended "loans," a reasonably representative range of vehicles covering the full spectrum of all the current alternative technologies to ICE vehicles, and I wouldn't want, or buy any of them. For SO many reasons, which are too lengthy to include here, I'll express a response. I'm 71 years of age . I passed my test 2 weeks after my 17th birthday, and during my career with BBC TV, covered thousands upon thousands of miles for business & pleasure. In my "youth," I competed in club level motorsport events, and was reasonably successful given a limited budget. I am of course fully aware of the "Greens" and the anti-car lobby, so for many years have been a full member of the ABD, as well as Life Membership of the Jaguar Drivers' Club, although I don't currently own a Jag. For me, the pleasure of owning a vehicle with a "proper" engine is the embodiment of all things mechanical, along with me honing my skills as a safe and competent driver. Public transport can't EVER offer the sheer convenience of being able to go wherever you want, and whenever you want, without first checking timetables and/or available seats. BUT the big downside with electric vehicles is that there are just TOO many compromises for my sort of lifestyle. I have friends all over country, from Devon and Cornwall, to Glasgow, Edinburgh, & Aberdeen, all of whom I DO visit on a regular basis. If visiting my ex BBC colleagues in Edinburgh, I can easily do that 600+ round trip on one visit to the petrol or diesel station, and then a tank top-up refill when I get home. This would be impossible in an electric vehicle without a huge amount of planning, involving simple things such as how far I'd get on my initial full charge, and roughly where I'd be when it ran out - and would there be suitable re-charging stations in the outermost areas of Scotland ? And of course if I did run out of charge, until recently the AA/RAC could only offer a tow, but only if it was a manual gearbox, otherwise it would require a low loader and recovery. Formula 1 motor racing is now sadly being turned into a joke with the arrival of Formula E. I have attended one such meeting, and it will NEVER be repeated. To pay for what looked and sounded like a glorified Scalextrix event was a serious no no. No thank you ! Although sales of new ICE type vehicles are due to he banned in the near future, I'll be keep my current vehicle until it falls apart ! Kind regards & best wishes. Paul Robert Walker.

David B Sears's Gravatar
David B Sears

Thursday, January, 21st, 2021

Will they have the same enthusiasm in 4 years when the batteries are only holding 75% of it's total charge and 4 years later when they have to have the batteries replaced at huge cost estimated at least £5000+?