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Research Suggests Changes to Road Safety Education

Posted in General News on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021

Motorists who are shown examples of responsible motoring are more likely to adopt a safer driving style after seeing them, than those who are shown images and footage which is intended to serve as a warning according to new research carried out by a number of the nation’s universities. Part of the research 146 drivers were separated into two groups. One of the groups watched a video showing a positive message of a driver who told his passengers not to distract him as he reached his destination safely. The other group watched a video which showed a reckless driver crashing as he was being distracted by his passengers. The participants also watched the videos both with virtual reality (VR) headsets on and in 2D to see if the viewing method made a difference to their attitudes. After seeing the videos each group took a questionnaire to assess how likely they would be to take risks while driving, they also took a test which required them to assess the dangers on a virtual road and make safe decisions.

The results of the research show that the video displaying safe driving decreased thoughts of risky driving most effectively in VR, while the film showing the dangers of careless driving actually increased thoughts of risk taking when shown in both 2D and VR. Dr Clara Cutello, from the University of Antwerp, said: “Our results provide key insights about the role of positive versus fear-framed messages in tackling risky driving among young drivers.

They show that allowing the participants to experience what proactive behaviours can lead to, and giving them the illusions that the events occurring are authentic through VR, can encourage the creation of positive role models and strategies to be safer on the roads.”

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William Hawkes-Reynolds's Gravatar
William Hawkes-Reynolds

Thursday, January, 7th, 2021

How about taking the standard road driving test that every 17 year old since Adam takes.... and scrap it! Instead why have the advanced driving test as the standard driving test! The basis of good driving starts at the beginning!

Roger Gill's Gravatar
Roger Gill

Thursday, January, 7th, 2021

Wake up people!!, you’ll never ever improve road safety until such time as the powers that control the Road Maintenance in the UK it’s the one Word that .Gov does not know what this word means Period!!. One of the Greatest inventions for the protection of road users is the Cats Eyes ll, all Roads A an B designated really should be marked on both sides of the road or carriageway Red on near side White in the Centre and Green on the Right!! Secondly CBT is a complete waste of time and expense, I remember I leant to ride it was a Ten week coarse and Police Motorcycle patrol men had to 18 week coarse an immensely valuable!!. Last but Not least this country Is going Backwards it won’t be too long before the Man with the Red Flag makes a Return!!