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60mph Motorway Speed Limit Trials

Posted in General News on Friday, October 2nd, 2020

In September Highways England reduced the speed limit on four sections of motorway to see how it affects pollution levels near junctions or on routes to towns and cities. Trials of the 60mph speed limit will be in place for at least another 11 months on the M6 between Junctions six and seven (near Birmingham), the M1 between junctions 33 and 34 (at Rotherham), the M602 between junctions one and three (near Eccles, Greater Manchester) and the M5 between junctions one and two (at Oldbury, West Midlands). If the air quality in these areas improves there is the potential for the time period of 11 months to be extended. Highways England does expect to see a reduction in NO₂ levels in these areas but if the reduced speed limits do not have the desired affect within 12 to 15 months, then the 60mph speed limits will be removed. Highways England has stated that initial assessments have shown that a 10mph reduction in the speed limit leads to a 17% decrease in emissions. Ivan Le Fevre, Head of environment at Highways England, said: “Ultimately the air-quality challenge will be solved ‘at the tailpipe’ by vehicle manufacturers and changes in vehicle use. Until this happens, we will continue our programme of research and solutions.”

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Duncan S's Gravatar
Duncan S

Friday, October, 2nd, 2020

Surely the NO2 levels would show a drop anyway due to the different types of "less polluting" cars on the roads. Speed limits should be raised to 75 or 80mph and lorry. As they say, it will "ultimately be solved at the tailpipe" so why the waste of money?

Ryan McGregor's Gravatar
Ryan McGregor

Friday, October, 2nd, 2020

I would say pointless road works that go on for years cause more congestion, equals less efficient engine running and cars stuck crawling in traffic burning fuel at less than optimal conditions. Modern cars can be very efficient a lot safer run better, and the speed limit should be variable like the french system up to 80mph considering the limit was set during the 1970s but that is for another debate.

Philip Blair's Gravatar
Philip Blair

Friday, October, 2nd, 2020

Brilliant, just what motorists need more speed limit reductions. At the rate the UK is going the entire country will will come to an entire standstill in the next ten years or less. Any wholesale motorway speed reductions must be opposed and MP’s held to account by the electorate if they allow motorway speed limits to be cut. This is lunacy, motorists must take a stand or we will be forced of the roads completely, eventually.

John Davies's Gravatar
John Davies

Friday, October, 2nd, 2020

What is the point no one obeys current restrictions. I set my speed to what ever the speed limit is and cars just speed past me even in the 30mph roads

Trevor Thomas's Gravatar
Trevor Thomas

Friday, October, 2nd, 2020

why 60 miles per hour ?, the examples shown are all heavily built up areas I`ve driven most of those areas and most of the time you are pushed to travel at 40 miles per hour due to poor driving causing tail backs which produce much more emissions than travelling at 70 miles per hour would .Why not just make electric cars cheaper and obtainable by disabled drivers on Motability no emissions then .

H.J.Powell's Gravatar

Saturday, October, 3rd, 2020

Slowing vehicles down only causes tailbacks, which in turn means more pollution to the air. I have noticed road works speed limits do the same thing. Standing traffic is not beneficial to any one.