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Disabled Student Takes Legal Action Against DWP

Posted in General News on Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Sidra Kauser, a 22 year old university student from Halifax who has a severe vision impairment and mental health condition, has taken legal action against the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) because she believes that their policy of not allowing those in full-time education to claim Universal Credit (UC) is unfair and unlawful. She argues that if she had been allowed to undertake a work capability assessment at this time, her limited capability for work would be established and she would be entitled to claim between £540 and £680 per month. Furthermore, the DWP’s  policy states that those who are claiming UC prior to entering into full-time education are entitled to keep claiming it throughout their studies. The DWP says that this encourages those who are on UC to further their education and enhance their prospects. However, at the moment, Sidra is being forced to live off of her Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit amount each month and this money should be used specifically to cover the extra costs that she incurs because of her conditions. Lucy Cadd of Leigh Day, the law firm working on Sidra’s case said: “Our client believes it is grossly unfair that the government’s policy only sets out to support those already receiving universal credit to access higher education and does not seek to support those who are applying for courses or who are already in education. It is not acceptable for the government to expect disabled students to live on extremely limited financial means during their course of study which  has huge ramifications on their health and education outcomes.”

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Jacqueline Rees's Gravatar
Jacqueline Rees

Thursday, July, 2nd, 2020

Well done Sidra! I know that life isn’t always fair but when the people who are supposed to help, put obstacles in your way it’s a constant battle!

Chris Kay's Gravatar
Chris Kay

Saturday, July, 4th, 2020

I know the DWP have become a law unto themselves the past decade and God knows I’ve had my share of there abuse towards disabled people but isn’t it the government that make the rules? I do wish you luck Sidra but taking legal action against the DWP could be likened to taking legal action against the Nazi dictators in 1939.