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Car Dealerships Cut Prices

Posted in General News on Monday, June 15th, 2020

Car showrooms across across the country began to reopen from 1st June and according to statistics from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) a number of dealerships have lowered their prices by as much as 25%. Those who have been looking to purchase the Mercedes Benz E Class have enjoyed a saving of £16,500. In addition to this the price of a Volkswagen Golf SV has decreased by £6,752. Among the other cars which have significantly reduced in price because of the current situation are the BMW 4 Series Coupe which is now retailing for 23% less than it was prior to the lockdown, and the Vauxhall Grandland X which is around 20% cheaper at the moment. Keeping in mind that new car registrations fell dramatically in April and May, these discounts suggest that car dealerships are looking to move a large amount of stock. However, vehicle manufacturing has also decreased considerably throughout the last few months so there is no guarantee how long these discounts will last. The SMMT’s Mike Hawes commented: “As the sector strives to weather the worst storm in a generation, measures to drive cash flow, stimulate demand and, above all, maintain our competitiveness are essential.”

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Philip Sutton's Gravatar
Philip Sutton

Monday, June, 15th, 2020

I wonder if we will see a reduction in down payment prices for Motability cars?

Chris Kay's Gravatar
Chris Kay

Saturday, July, 4th, 2020

In answer to your question Phil and with the new Q3 Motability prices now release the AP’s on most cars have gone beyond the sky well into outer space. Don’t you just love being disabled and being ripped off.