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Motorists Struggling with Driving

Posted in General News on Friday, June 12th, 2020

According to a recent survey of 2,000 motorists conducted by the vehicle manufacturer, Hyundai many people are struggling to return to driving following the easing of lockdown restrictions. Out of the people who say they have struggled to start driving again 28% said that they have stalled their car, 21% said they had scraped their wheels on the kerb and a further 21% said that they had forgotten to indicate. In addition to this, four in 10 motorists said that they hadn’t visited a service station in the 28 days leading up to the survey and 12% of these people admitted to forgetting which side of their car the fuel filler cap was on.  

The survey also revealed that almost half of the nation’s motorists (48%) are concerned that the standard of driving will have worsened now that the restrictions have been lifted. This survey comes after a number of police reports have indicated that people have been driving dangerously throughout the lockdown period, but despite this, a third of those surveyed said that they had been driving more cautiously since the start of the pandemic. A Hyundai UK spokesperson commented: “Like with many things, there can be a few teething issues after a break and driving is no different. With a little care and practice though, I’m sure that motorists will soon get their confidence back behind the wheel.”

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David's Gravatar

Wednesday, June, 17th, 2020

I have continued to drive as I really have had no choice given that food delivery slots are as rare as hen's teeeth locally even for us so called "vunerable citizens" and so food shopping has been carried out at our smaller local shops rather than supermarkets. I will continue to shop at these smaller shops even when things return to near normal - it's been so much more pleasant to carry out our weekly shop even if it has cost slightly more However living in a popular coastal town my experience with those still driving since early lockdown has been that many of those believed that driving laws were abandoned at that time and although taffic was initially lighter the average speed increased by 100% and all parking/traffic rules were also abandoned. At both the time of the original imposition of lockdown and then at the first relaxation of lockdown we were literally invaded - yes that is not an exageration - by thousands of motorists/families and the standards of both driving and parking were again abandoned. You have all seen the images and they really did not reflect the reality - it was far worse. I have never seen so much abuse of the law and the so called spirit of the regulations ever and I have been around a long time.

Carolyn's Gravatar

Monday, June, 15th, 2020

I haven't stopped driving as I need to get to a supermarket. It has been lovely to travel on quiet roads and I've saved a lot of fuel by only doing those short trips.

Jacqueline Drea's Gravatar
Jacqueline Drea

Monday, June, 15th, 2020

No problems with driving because I've taken my dog out to one of the parks in the evening when it's been quiet almost every day, weather permitting; I use a WAV vehicle and we've continue to enjoy getting out. Obviously I have worn a mask if we've gone out earlier in the day. Done all shopping online which I will continue to do for the foreseeable future. I've always done majority of shopping online so there is not much change there.