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Motability cancels all 2020 One Big Day Events

Posted in General News on Friday, May 1st, 2020

In line with the latest Government guidelines surrounding COVID-19 and the extended lock down measures, the Motability Scheme has announced the cancellation of the full programme of One Big Day events in 2020.

All the events listed below are now cancelled:

•       The Big Event (3 & 4 July 2020)

•       One Big Day Northern Ireland (6 June 2020)

•       One Big Day Exeter (25 July 2020)

•       One Big Day Harrogate (15 August 2020)

•       One Big Day Peterborough (5 September 2020)

•       One Big Day Edinburgh (19 September 2020)

Motability stated: “The safety of all our event visitors, exhibitors, partners and our employees is our number one priority.” With some degree of social distancing potentially remaining with us for the next few months,  they believe cancelling the events for 2020 is the right thing to do.

They apologise for any disappointment this may cause and they hope to be back with a full programme of events in 2021.

For the latest updates and the announcement of their 2021 One Big Day programme, including The Big Event, please visit or check the Motability Scheme Facebook and Twitter channels.

For more information about the impact of COVID-19 on the Motability Scheme please visit the FAQs page on their website. 

Motability have also asked us to share their link to looking after your vehicle while it is being used less.


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DMUK's Gravatar

Monday, May, 4th, 2020

There have been a lot of comments asking whether customers still have to pay for their Motability Car during lock down. We've asked Motability for a comment on this and they have said: "The Motability Scheme works in a different way to other car leasing or financial agreements. Customers do not make direct payments from their bank account – their mobility benefit is diverted to Motability Operations to cover the cost of the lease. This differs significantly to the payment structure of other organisations who may be able to offer payment holidays or deferments. As their customers make direct payments, from personal accounts, they can simply add three months to the end of the lease and not collect the direct debit for an agreed period of time. They then collect the three missed payments at the end along with any additional interest incurred. A payment holiday/deferment is not a refund and the payments must still be made. As a Scheme customer instructs the Department for Work and Pensions to divert their allowance for a specific period of time to pay for their Motability Scheme lease, customers cannot simply miss a payment and there is no direct debit that can be placed on hold. It would involve a complicated process to reinstate the mobility allowance and pay it to the Scheme customer which would then need to be repeated to revert it back again at the end of the three months. This would take some considerable time to arrange and for the customer to receive the allowance in their account, particularly in this difficult period. Scheme customers would not immediately benefit from their allowance at this time. However, the Motability Scheme has considered what we can do to help customers facing temporary and exceptional financial needs at this time and have announced a new initiative which would enable them to choose to take their £600 Good Condition Bonus early, providing customers an opportunity to access money during a period when they may need it most. More information can be found at It is important to note that customers who choose to take this payment early will not receive a further Good Condition Bonus at the end of contract – a point when some may choose to use it towards the Advance Payment on their next vehicle." If you have further enquiries regarding Motability please contact them directly.