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50% reduction in road tax during the COVID-19 outbreak

Posted in General News on Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Due to the limited staff available at the DVLA during these unprecedented times there are delays for any postal based applications for road tax. On top of this their contact centre is only taking calls from people who are classed as key workers.

This will have an impact on any 50% reduction applications.

The advice from the DVLA is that customers needing to tax urgently can pay the vehicle tax in full and then submit an application for a 50% refund. This the same process as the 50% reduction application. Alternatively customers can pay via Direct Debit and apply for a 50% refund once the Direct Debit is settled.

You can see how to apply for the 50% reduction in our information page on our website 

If a customer pays in full they do not have to send in another payment/cheque in when claiming their 50% refund. They need to send in all documents required to show proof of entitlement, as in the information page, and a covering letter saying they have paid in full and they would like their 50% refund. All applications for refunds will be dealt with in date received at the DVLA order as and when they get back to normality.

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Jean's Gravatar

Friday, June, 5th, 2020

I have been awarded pip and am entitled to 50% discount on my road tax how do i apply for this

Mrs Bulmer's Gravatar
Mrs Bulmer

Monday, May, 18th, 2020

My car tax is due in June , which I normally do on line for the year . I have isolated since the 20 march on the government advice ,this has now been extended to the end of June am I entitled to any refund thanks

Mr Jon Clifford-Harding 's Gravatar
Mr Jon Clifford-Harding

Friday, June, 19th, 2020

The new Car taxing process for 50% for disabled drivers is the most confusing system I have come across.The paperwork is from what I can see is making more work and frustrating for the applicant, we are disabled and for most people they stay this way.Would it not make sense to return to the old system of a 5 year sheet when you tax your car/van, the vast majority of people have to pay out the full amount then wait to be re-imburst, for most people on a limited budget this is both a pain and in my view almost making them feel victimised.

Richard Wainwright's Gravatar
Richard Wainwright

Sunday, July, 5th, 2020

I have sent all of my documents to DVLA for 50% reduction of tax. Now my car is out of tax but sent all documents recorded delivery. It has been signed for. It has been paid for by cheque. Don't know where I stand as had to send log book not etc so got nothing to tax the car with so stuck

Thomas Godwin's Gravatar
Thomas Godwin

Wednesday, July, 15th, 2020

I sent off my details to claim my 50% car tax refund on the 1st April 2020 but still haven’t received my refund . Can you say how long is this taking.

Mark White's Gravatar
Mark White

Thursday, July, 9th, 2020

have just been awarded pip at standard rate. I want to claim for the 50% I have all the details to send, however, I currently, pay for my road tax by direct debit. What is the procedure to follow for this.? The logical way for them would be, once everything is verified, they pay me any arrears from the back dated award date and simply adjust the dd amount by 50%. What is the procedure for this scenario?

Terry Bristow's Gravatar
Terry Bristow

Monday, July, 27th, 2020

Tried to send off for 50% tax deduction but the post office said the government have stopped the V10 Forms, which states that you have to send with other documents required for the reduction ? Where do I stand, unable to phone anybody, unable to do online, what do we do ????? I could pay the full amount and get a refund, but I still unable to fill in a V10 form because they have none ??? Regards Terry Bristow

S. W's Gravatar
S. W

Wednesday, August, 5th, 2020

I have sent in all my documents for the 50% refund including a cheque. Received my new log book really quickly but the car is still untaxed. I don't really want to pay full price for the cheque to also come out of my account. Then have to wait for documents to send back again to get a refund. Because i could end up paying the full amount even after the refund. How long have people waited??

L.S.C.'s Gravatar

Thursday, August, 13th, 2020

I’m entitled to 50% discount on my car tax through PIP and sent everything off for renewal mid May not realising the huge backlog the DVLA had. I decided to tax it in full online when nothing had arrived by June and cancelled the cheque I’d sent, presuming I’d be sent the 50% refund when they got around to it. My documents came back a couple of weeks ago along with the cheque and the letter said ‘your enquiry is being dealt with’. No mention made of the 50% refund due. I still haven’t received it and I’m wondering if anyone else has had the same experience. I can’t get through on the phone and if I write it’ll go to the back of the queue again. £82.50 is a lot of money to find when your budget’s tight!

Debbir's Gravatar

Friday, August, 14th, 2020

I’d heard that there were long delays in processing of car tax. So I did pay in full and claim 50% back. You need a lot less paperwork to do it this way as well. I received my paperwork back a few weeks ago and as one of the key workers I chased my refund last week. Told me up to another 12 weeks so would be 16 in total from when I applied for the refund.

Bryan Critchfield's Gravatar
Bryan Critchfield

Tuesday, August, 25th, 2020

DVLA don't have anyone who knows the rules working for them , I have sent in proof of disability and proof of PIP together with money order for 50% of car tax cost . I have been struggling to contact DVLA for 3 months . Tried to send recorded letter to customer services who say that there is no 50 % discount of car tax for disabled .

Ann Johnston's Gravatar
Ann Johnston

Tuesday, September, 8th, 2020

how long will it be before my documents are returned i sent them to you last month when applying for my 50 percent money back as i paid my tax in full and i am entitled to a reduction.all documents were sent recorded.I am entitled to disability reduction.thank you

Christine blackburn's Gravatar
Christine blackburn

Wednesday, September, 9th, 2020

I am entitled to 50% reduction .. have sent of all my documents over 10days ago My tax has now run out and my my car is still showing untaxed .. how do I find out wot is happening ...