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Increase in motorists complaining about 'Black Box' Insurance

Posted in General News on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

The number of motorists who are complaining that the data recorded by their ‘black box’ insurance systems is incorrect is increasing. One motorist said that her telematics system recorded that she had been driving at 106mph for a sustained period in a 30mph zone. This was something that the insurance company later admitted was false. Another motorist had received an email saying their insurance would be cancelled within seven days because their insurance provider had received data saying that their driving had been poor enough to warrant this action. Following an investigation into this motorist’s driving the insurer again admitted that the data recorded by the black box was incorrect and that the motorist had been driving to an acceptable standard. Both of these cases came to light because the motorists in question had complained to the motoring magazine, Auto Express about the faulty telematics systems.

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