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Plans to Improve the Accessibility of York

Posted in General News on Thursday, January 9th, 2020

York City Council is bidding for £4 million worth of funding to help as many as 20,000 Blue Badge holders to access the city’s pedestrianised zones. The council plans to provide an automated shuttle service to take Blue Badge holders into the city after they have parked their cars on the outskirts. Although the shuttles could potentially be automated, there will be customer care assistants on board to accompany the passengers. The funding required to implement these plans would come from Leeds City Region’s Future Mobility Zone scheme which is awaiting government approval. James Gilchrist, the council's Assistant Director for Transport, said: "Our bid could create the opportunity for York to pioneer an innovative solution to support people with mobility issues in and around our historic and vibrant city. If successful, the council will work with blue badge holders to ensure we develop a service which meets the needs of those with both visible and hidden disabilities."

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Bill Steel's Gravatar
Bill Steel

Wednesday, January, 15th, 2020

This has the potential to be the best option yet. York has been a difficult destination, since they introduced their own parking rules, for disabled people. I was lucky, on my first visit, as churchwarden of a parish in Sunderland I was at the minster for an important occasion. It was obvious, from the stuff on view, where we were and the parking wardens accepted my blue badge. May I assume that Shopmobility will be a stop for the shuttle??

Mike Brown's Gravatar
Mike Brown

Wednesday, January, 15th, 2020

What a good idea except I wold bet they will not be able to take my scooter n these shuttles, which would mean I have to rent one at Shopmobility. More cost to me, on top of the cost of the shuttle because I am disabled. I wonder if this also applies if you want to stop at a hotel within the boundaries. If so I will not be stopping. Leaving my vehicle overnight, or many nights, in car park out of town just begs for it to be robbed especially if there is a blue badge on display. I think York will no longer be on my list to visit. I do hope they will do their homework on this properly.

Reverend. D. Wright's Gravatar
Reverend. D. Wright

Wednesday, January, 15th, 2020

There are lots of Blue Badge holders so would include people like myself that is in a wheelchair 24' 7'. I don't think this would benefit people like me because we're I live in. Blackpool not all busses can carry more than one wheelchair so l end up getting a taxi and having to pay £ 12 to go shopping and back. It would be better if you could make a few Disabled Bays for people JUST IN WHEELCHAIRS. NOT just blue badge holders that can walk round the shops and carry loads of shopping. This works in the states The traffic wordens can see if a wheelchair person as parked legally. Don't forget that a person who is in a wheelchair can only go a short distance before their battery runs out. Not like someone that walks round with some form of walking frame.