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UK Police Forces Issuing the Most FPNs Revealed

Posted in General News on Monday, December 2nd, 2019

The UK regions where the highest amounts of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) were issued to drivers by the police in 2018 have been revealed. Avon and Somerset, Kent and West Yorkshire are among the areas where the highest number of FPNs were issued for a range of motoring offences last year. Police in Avon and Somerset issued a total of 163,000 FPNs to speeding motorists in 2018, while West Mercia Police issued 90,203. Hampshire Police came third on the list, issuing a total of 73,220 FPNs for speeding offences in 2018. The highest speed recorded on public roads last year was 162mph and two drivers were caught at this speed, one was caught by Avon and Somerset Police and the other was caught by West Yorkshire Police.

The statistics also revealed that West Yorkshire Police issued 3,184 FPNs to motorists for using their mobile phones while driving. Essex Police issued a total of 1,692 FPNs for this offence and Hampshire Constabulary issued 1,401. In contrast to these three constabularies, Lincolnshire Police didn’t catch anybody using their mobile phone while driving last year, while South Wales Police only issued 58 FPNs for this offence.

When it comes to the UK police forces that issued the highest number of FPNs to motorists driving without insurance Kent Police came top of this list having issued 2,479 FPNs for this reason last year. Staffordshire Police were second on this list with a total of 2,055, and Hertfordshire Constabulary issued 2,012. In contrast to this, Durham Constabulary only issued 393 FPNs for this offence in 2018. 

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Monday, December, 2nd, 2019

Issuing FPN's sounds ok regarding speeding BUT it isn't the answer to a problem; this country is far too soft whenever any crime is committed. The only plus side to FPN's is the 'revenue this action brings in BUT it isn't spent on the roads or problem solving - where does the money go???? This country should take a lesson or two from other countries and get a grip to be harder and harsher punishing the offenders; this country is a joke!!