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Police Forces Crackdown on Drink Driving

Posted in General News on Monday, December 2nd, 2019

This month police forces from across the UK will be launching their annual campaigns to warn people of the dangers associated with drink driving, particularly throughout the festive period. According to statistics from the Police Service of Northern Ireland, a total of 322 drink drivers were caught in the region between the end of November 2018 and 1st January 2019. The Assistant Police Constable of the constabulary, Alan Todd said: “That's 322 people who'll be put before the courts, 322 people who will lose their licences, 322 people who will have a range of consequences around social embarrassment, potentially losing their jobs, certainly facing retest before being allowed back on the road and facing significantly higher insurance bills. But, in many ways, those are the lucky ones that we caught before they were involved in either killing or seriously injuring a fellow road user, in which case they could be looking at a prison sentence.” Legislation introduced in 2016 allows UK police forces to conduct random breathalyser tests at authorised vehicle check points and this is a strategy that many police forces choose to adopt at this time of year. The Police Service of Northern Ireland, for example, will be conducting ‘targeted operations’ 24 hours a day throughout the festive period. In addition to this, any driver who is involved in a road traffic collision or has been stopped by the police on suspicion of any traffic offence will also be breathalysed. Statistics from the Department for Transport (DfT) show that 9,040 people were killed in car accidents involving drunken drivers last year and this highest figure since 2012.

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Michael Chamberlain's Gravatar
Michael Chamberlain

Monday, December, 2nd, 2019

If a driver is found to be impaired through drink and/or drugs their vehicle should be seized and crushed, in addition to a large fine and costs. No excuses. Too many innocent children and adults have been killed and seriously injured due to such driver's utter disregard for others. Help the Police to keep our roads safe for all.

roger gill's Gravatar
roger gill

Monday, December, 2nd, 2019

Not too worried myself as I don’t drin n drive!!, But I’ve just returned from Heathrow after taking my son there with his partner, the caos the surrounds the M25 an Heathrow is astounding I just wonder how these idiots managed to pass a driving test in the fist place!, I got overtaken by a complete idiot on the M3 doing at least 120 mph in a Audi trying too access too the A303 slip !!, I think in the best interests of safety is a retest after 10years and the introduction of rear view cameras instead that automatically send pictures to the police to show who the I competent drivers are!!!

Michael Chamberlain's Gravatar
Michael Chamberlain

Tuesday, December, 3rd, 2019

Yes I support ZERO tolerance.

peter hemingway's Gravatar
peter hemingway

Monday, December, 2nd, 2019

personally think it SHOULDNT be min 35mgs it should be ZERO