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Ticketmaster Makes Concerts More Accessible

Posted in General News on Friday, November 1st, 2019

The music concert booking firm, Ticketmaster has launched a new online booking service for its disabled customers. The new service will allow disabled music fans to submit details of their accessibility needs prior to booking tickets to make sure that they have the best experience possible when they arrive at the concert. Once this information has been validated it will then be automatically saved to the customer’s profile so they will not have to repeat the same process next time they book a ticket. The service is based on collaboration between Ticketmaster and the venues themselves and at participating venues the accessible seats will be clearly marked on the seat maps, whether they be in range of a hearing loop or in a wheelchair accessible location. One of the main aims behind the introduction of this system is to remove the need for disabled people to have lengthy phone conversations in order to explain their requirements. The BBC reporter and avid music fan, Alex Taylor referred to the announcement as a “huge step forward”. The system was introduced at the SEC in Glasgow and Cardiff’s Motorsports Arena just over two weeks ago and the reaction has reportedly been very positive. Andrew Parsons, Managing Director of Ticketmaster commented: “It's something we've been seeking to address for some time now. Fundamentally, all fans deserve equal access to live entertainment. The plus side of this system is that, in the future, the fans won't have to do anything. They will be able to buy their tickets like anyone else. We're very keen to roll it out to a host of new venues now; and I'm challenging all of our teams on that."

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ALAN Green's Gravatar
ALAN Green

Friday, November, 1st, 2019

I am very pleased to see Ticketmaster have done this as I feel it is long overdue and will help disabled people like myself to apply for any tickets easier in the future as you will have all my details written down already.

Sandra pinfold's Gravatar
Sandra pinfold

Tuesday, November, 5th, 2019

This brilliant my son is blind and has severe learning disabilities he can’t go anywhere without someone with him so as a mum and cater this will make life easier. He loves music and sports so making ticket access for the disabled more friendly means we can can access more and hopefully be able to attend more in the future thank you ticket master

Niamh Munnelly 's Gravatar
Niamh Munnelly

Saturday, November, 2nd, 2019

Hopefully can now plan events without having to phone separately, when there is never a reply