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Tendring Council go the extra mile for disabled motorists.

Posted in General News on Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

Twelve public pay and display car parks operated by Tendring Council have received Disabled Parking Accreditations (DPA). Tendring Council has shown a real commitment to improving parking for their disabled constituents and visitors in adopting the DPA.

The DPA is a not-for-profit accreditation which focuses on improving the personal mobility of disabled motorists by recognising off-street parking facilities are accessible to disabled people. Additionally, the accreditation identifies those car park operators who actively set out to manage and reduce the abuse and misuse of parking spaces provided for disabled motorists. Local authorities that achieve the DPA will not only be demonstrating to their constituents that they are committed to providing high quality parking facilities for disabled people in their car parks, but also to raising standards across the parking sector. The DPA, a recognised certification mark, is owned by Disabled Motoring UK and administered by the British Parking Association.

Tendring Council should also be further congratulated for achieving Park Mark in 15 of its car parks. Park Mark is awarded to facilities that pass a rigorous risk assessment conducted by the Police and British Parking Association. The criteria are known to reduce the opportunity for crime and create a safer environment for the motorist and their vehicle.

Graham Chapman, British Parking Association Area Manager said: “I am delighted that Tendring council has once again achieved the Park Mark award for 15 of its car parks as well as 12 New Disabled Parking Accreditations which clearly demonstrates the hard work and commitment to providing a safe environment for all users.” 

Graham Footer, CEO Disabled Motoring UK, said: “Tendring Council should be applauded in achieving the Disabled Parking Accreditation in 12 of its car parks. Their efforts show a real commitment to making sure that disabled motorists have good access to their parking facilities. The Disabled Parking Accreditation also gives consumer confidence that the disabled bays are managed properly. We hope that other local authorities will follow the example set by Tendring Council and other local authorities on the scheme.”

Cllr Michael Talbot, Portfolio Holder for Environmental and Public Spaces said: “A lot of hard work goes into getting these awards and we should not take that for granted”. I am sure that both residents and visitors who use these sites will appreciate the effort that has been made by staff to maintain high levels of safety and accessibility.”

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ChrisK's Gravatar

Friday, September, 27th, 2019

In the Bristol City Council area where I live all council pay and display car parks are free for blue badge holders regardless where they live with nothing more than the need to display the badge, an example that many, many other council could learn by if it was not for the fact of the money they could lose in parking fee’s. Other councils do do free blue badge parking or reduced fee’s but requires an application of some sorts and that alone can be a problem when you take Dorset as an example where I have a free parking permit for West Dorset that has to be applied for every 3 years but if you go into a neighbouring council, and in the case of Poole and Bournemouth council area’s you can easily step over a boarder into a part of the county where you think your covered but your not. I know we have an impotent parliament but the rules for Blue Badge parking in council car parks across the country need to be uniformed so we know one way or the other before making trips to such unwelcoming places.