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Campaign Against Hospital Parking Charges for Disabled People

Posted in General News on Friday, August 30th, 2019

DMUK is supporting Disability Rights UK (DRUK) with its campaign to make NHS hospitals abolish parking charges for disabled motorists. One in seven NHS hospitals now charge disabled motorists to park in their car parks and the charity warns that, if this current trend continues, every NHS hospital will be charging disabled motorists to park in approximately seven years time. It is arguable that these charges are limiting the access that millions of disabled people have to the crucial healthcare being provided across NHS hospitals in England. This campaign is gathering strength all the time and now Kush Kanodia, a disability campaigner and DRUK Ambassador, is asking for disabled motorists to share their personal experiences of parking at NHS hospitals. Please share your stories with him by sending them to 

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Pat's Gravatar

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

I agree fed up getting charged to park when not enough free disabled spaces then I have a long walk to clinic which is a struggle for me

John Dobson's Gravatar
John Dobson

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

I fully support the campaign to abolish parking charges for disabled people at NHS hospitals

John Roche's Gravatar
John Roche

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

I attend several different hospitals in the course of a month in Surrey,I have been disabled for going on ten years at the beginning of my disability there was no charge now ever single hospital I attend charge in the course of a month it can add up to as much as £30pounds but it’s never less than £20 I never asked to be DISABLED why should i also be charged for it.?

Lucille Bradley 's Gravatar
Lucille Bradley

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

My local hospital Wexham Park Hospital now charges disabled motorists to park. There was a lot of abuse as others realised that upon exit you just had to buzz and say you had a blue badge and they’d let you out

John Roberts's Gravatar
John Roberts

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

Making disabled people paying for hospital parking is like charging for treatment.

Kev Ward's Gravatar
Kev Ward

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

Charges are way to high because we need to be thare not want to but have to

Norman Lovatt's Gravatar
Norman Lovatt

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

Been Disabled over 18 years and found most Hospitals in Manchester charge, Disabled or not. Which can work out expensive if you have to visit weekly.

Harbans Panesar's Gravatar
Harbans Panesar

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

The John Radcliffe Hospital has exorbitant charges in their Car Parks, almost Central London rates. There are only just a few free places and we have had to pay an average of £5 everyone we have had appointments there. It just extortion from those with the least ability to pay.

Alex 's Gravatar

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

I can't walk more than a few yards without pain, I'm also on ESA support, and PIP, which means I don't have any money, just the allowances. That's got to pay for everything, it isn't much, especially when paying for car parking, whilst my blue badge used to save the car parking but now it's not.

Margaret Gray 's Gravatar
Margaret Gray

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

I think it is diabolical the changes that they charge and for half hour parking to drop off or pick up is not long enough especially if you have to go to a ward to pick up patient

Margaret Gray 's Gravatar
Margaret Gray

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

It is diabolical the charges you have to pay when you have to pick up a patient half an hour is not long enough I agree that it should be abolished

Neal Cracraknell's Gravatar
Neal Cracraknell

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

I fully support the campaign to abolish parking charges for disabled drivers.

Haz's Gravatar

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

I have a disabled daughter and personally have no problem with paying for parking charges when we visit for outpatient appointments. We are lucky enough that when we are an inpatient there is access to free disabled spaces. Nobody asks to be sick! Also that is part of what her DLA pays for, which non-disabled people don’t get.

Mark Keeble's Gravatar
Mark Keeble

Monday, September, 2nd, 2019

Totally unacceptable to charge disabled people with blue badges every hospital should follow eastbourne hospital in eastbourne east Sussex the DGH were there is no charge for disabled parking with a blue badge up on the dash board for the fist 4 hrs as long as you put the time of arrival and if your appointment goes over the 4 hrs you simply bet the nurse to telephone security and thay put up a sticker saying have been notified and it then continues free till you come out and drive away stop charging disabled blue badge holders in hospital car parks

Kerrie's Gravatar

Thursday, September, 12th, 2019

I totally agree with all the comments I end up driving around and around as there is never any disabled bays free at the local hospital so end up parking miles away which then wipes me out trying to get into the hospital itself then have to walk even further to pay for the parking is ridiculous.... at the end of the day I don’t agree that anybody should have to pay to park when they are going to hospital at all not just blue badge holders

Kevin McGrath's Gravatar
Kevin McGrath

Tuesday, September, 3rd, 2019

Should not bee charged to park in a hospital bad enough being there in first place being charged for being ill disgusting

Judith Arram's Gravatar
Judith Arram

Monday, September, 16th, 2019

Croydon hospitals give free parking to blue badge holders that are PARKED IN DISABLED BAYS. If there are no empty disabled bays then blue badge holders have to pay the full price for parking. This seems very unfair to be penalised because all disabled bays are taken when you arrive.


Monday, September, 16th, 2019

Why should a patient or visitor get free parking simply because they have a Blue Badge? What about the single parent living on benefits that has to take their young child to the hospital because they are ill? Or the young guy that broke his leg at football and is struggling with crutches and trying to also work to keep his family fed? Equally why should a well paid TV presenter with a Blue Badge park for free at the hospital when she can well afford to pay? There is, of course, a case for everyone to have free parking at hospitals. But then who pays for security, enforcement, maintenance, construction, lighting, etc? Simple, of course, just spend less on medical care.

Cynthia Maltby's Gravatar
Cynthia Maltby

Monday, September, 16th, 2019

I write this on behalf of my husband who replies on his Blue Badge. He has to visit the Kings Mill Hospital at Mansfield.Nottingham. You have to drive through a barrier and take your arrival ticket, then walk a short distance (if you are a good walker) to the main entrance, but he needs 8 to 10 mins of time to the main entrance (all in his parking time). When at the entrance we wait our turn for a buggy ride to the Cardiology department. Allowing time to arrive on time for his appointment, which is often delayed or he may be sent to another department for other tests. He then has to wait for receptions to send a buggy to take him back to main entrance where you put your ticket into a machine, pay for your parking and the charge is never below the 3hr charge (Oh! we are not beeing charged for the walk back to the car LOL ) So yes he does support that parking for disabled should be free( sent of behalf of David Maltby)

Dee Wilson's Gravatar
Dee Wilson

Monday, September, 16th, 2019

My local hospital has recently changed the last remaining free Blue Badge parking area for Staff parking only. These bays were a god send being at the front of the hospital and free. It is mainly empty and unsuspecting patients are getting Parking Tickets as the sign is Confusing. I am going to spend a day warning drivers to park in the road instead to stop the Trusts stupidity. This may reverse their decision to allow us to park for free. I don’t mind paying say £1, but £4 for 1 hour? When the average wait in A&E is 6 hours is unfair as they make on average 2.5 Millón a Year!

Angela's Gravatar

Monday, September, 16th, 2019

Maybe as a compromise charged a fixed fee of £2.00 for disabled drivers to park. That way hospital carparks still have their revenue and we are not using our benefits to attend hospitals to receive vital treatment for our unwanted disability.

Ron Murray's Gravatar
Ron Murray

Monday, September, 16th, 2019

disabled people should not pay to park when there is never enough disabled places and they are not policed to stop abused so are forced to use non disabled places often at quite a distance away