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Motability's Good Condition Bonus Increases

Posted in General News on Thursday, July 11th, 2019

Motability scheme customers who return their lease vehicle in good condition will now receive a £600 'Good Condition Bonus' if they have leased the vehicle for three years and a £900 Good Condition Bonus if they have leased the vehicle for five years. If, when the condition of the vehicle is assessed, there are no signs of any serious damage the customer will automatically be sent a cheque for the applicable amount within 28 days of the vehicle being returned. When vehicles are returned to Motability in good condition it helps to keep the costs of the scheme low because vehicles can be sold on more efficiently. Therefore the 'Good Condition Bonus' is Motability’s way of thanking the scheme’s customers for taking good care of their vehicles.

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John France's Gravatar
John France

Thursday, July, 11th, 2019

Nice one, thanks.

nargis's Gravatar

Sunday, July, 14th, 2019

what if the car has scratches

Yvonne Buccieri's Gravatar
Yvonne Buccieri

Tuesday, July, 16th, 2019

How much would you get back after 4 years and what is classed as serious damage against cosmetic damage?