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1.2M Drivers Could Save Money On Driving Licence Renewals

Posted in General News on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Last year more than 1.2 million drivers renewed their driving licences via the post. These people missed out on the financial saving of doing it online. Renewing a driving licence by sending it to the DVLA by post costs £17 and completing the process online only costs £14. However, it is new motorists who can save the largest amount of money by turning to technology. Applying for a provisional licence costs £43 when the necessary documents are sent to the DVLA via the post, whereas completing the application online only costs £34. DVLA Chief Executive Julie Lennard said: Each year, more and more people are choosing to use our online services and it is always cheaper and quicker to renew your driving licence on GOV.UK. It’s also the quickest way for those who have lost or misplaced their licence to apply for a replacement.”

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Mick Guy's Gravatar
Mick Guy

Wednesday, July, 3rd, 2019

Both my wife and I will soon need to change our address on our licences, can this be done online?

Elaine's Gravatar

Tuesday, July, 2nd, 2019

It can only be renewed online if you have a passport which seems unfair if you have held a licence since being a teenager