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Highways England Seeks the Views of Disabled Road Users

Posted in General News on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Highways England is looking to conduct interviews with a number of road users with different disabilities. These interviews will form part of a research study which will help the organisation understand the impact that incidents have on disabled motorists when they are using the strategic road network. Highways England would particularly like to speak to:

·         A road user with a cognitive disability

·         A road user with autism

·         A road user with diabetes (preferably type 1)

Highways England is looking to conduct interviews from Thursday 4th July and they will make the necessary arrangements with those who wish to take part.

If you would like to be interviewed as part of this research study then please contact the DMUK office either by emailing or calling 01508 489449. Once we have received your assurance that you wish to take part in the study we will pass your details on to Highways England.

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Dave Blake's Gravatar
Dave Blake

Tuesday, June, 25th, 2019

Good to see disabled motorists being consulted, but I have a couple of questions/reservations - 1. What is the Strategic Road Network? 2. Why such narrow requirements for interviewees - A road user with a cognitive disability A road user with autism A road user with diabetes (preferably type 1) ?

Disabled Motoring UK's Gravatar
Disabled Motoring UK

Tuesday, June, 25th, 2019

The Strategic Road Network (SRN) refers to all the motorways and major roads monitored by Highways England. DMUK will also be sending a representative with mobility impairments who uses a an adapted vehicle to share their opinions on the matter. We appreciate that every disabled person is affected by their condition in a different way and we will make sure that this point is raised during the process.

Nick Parsons's Gravatar
Nick Parsons

Thursday, June, 27th, 2019

Why such a narrow field? What incenses me, is persons parking in disabled spaces using " grannies" Blue badge, when people like myself, a wheelchair user with a specially adapted vehicle, are left with nowhere to park!.

Stuart Smith's Gravatar
Stuart Smith

Wednesday, June, 26th, 2019

I have complex regional pain syndrome, my car is my means of getting around. I have found that over the past twenty years the standards of motoring and the quality of the roads themselves have deteriorated to a level of dangerous standards