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Better Enforcement of Smart Motorway Lane Closures

Posted in General News on Monday, May 20th, 2019

In the summer Highways England will be introducing new traffic cameras onto the nation’s smart motorways. These new cameras will be able to spot drivers who illegally use lanes that are marked with a red ’X’ symbol. Using smart motorway lanes when they have been closed in this way is punishable by a £100 fine and three points on the individual’s driving licence. However, at the moment offending drivers will only receive this punishment if they are caught driving down a closed lane by a police officer. The introduction of these cameras will mean that all of the drivers who flout this law will automatically receive the fine and the penalty points for doing so.

Half of the people who recently took part in a survey conducted by the RAC said that they often spot other drivers using closed lanes on smart motorways, despite the vast majority of motorists knowing the meaning of the red ‘X’ symbol. Nicholas Lyes, Head of Roads Policy at the RAC commented: “Giving the police the ability to use cameras to catch drivers flouting the law is a necessary next step – and is something our research tells us a majority of drivers are supportive of. The simple message for drivers is this – as soon as you see a red X sign, move over into an open lane safely.”

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