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The IPC's 'Get Your Reg Right' Campaign

Posted in General News on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

An increasing number of motorists now have to pay for parking using various forms of digital technology. This means that motorists are required to input their vehicle’s registration number manually to ensure that the payment is attributed to the correct vehicle.  If the registration is inputted wrongly then the motorist in question is liable to receive a PCN. With this in mind, the IPC has launched a new campaign called ‘Get Your Reg Right’ to highlight how important it is that motorists make sure the information they provide when they paying for a ticket is correct. While the responsibility of ensuring this information is accurate ultimately lies with the motorists there are other factors involved. The IPC also wants to use the campaign to encourage operators and local authorities to put processes in place to deal with minor typographical errors and persuade technology manufactures and service providers to design technology that is easier for motorists to use. The Minister for Local Government, Rishi Sunak, commented: “No one wants to receive a parking charge for making silly mistake when entering their vehicle registration number into a Pay and Display machine or parking validation terminal. Motorists, car park operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers all have an important role to play in ensuring that obvious and inadvertent errors do not lead to unjustified charges. I am pleased to support the IPC’s ‘Get Your Reg Right’ campaign, which will promote best practice to ensure fairness and common sense prevails”.

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Robert Lewis's Gravatar
Robert Lewis

Monday, May, 13th, 2019

Its all very well but many of these machines have poor ergonomic design and are very difficult to read from a wheelchair

Anthony Huxley's Gravatar
Anthony Huxley

Tuesday, May, 7th, 2019

It Happened to me in Poole, a friend Who was with us insisted on paying and mixed up 2letters. I contacted the Powers that be and instead of getting £80 fine, the lovely people charged me £25 administration fee. I thought they were having me on, after asking a solicitor friend, he suggested I pay as it could take a long time to settle and cost me a lot more in the end.

Andy Taylor's Gravatar
Andy Taylor

Thursday, May, 2nd, 2019

Instead of setting up the motorist to fail, why not improve the entire process? A system that does not differentiate between 0 and O or 1 and I would be useful and trivially easy to code, but the parking companies don't do this because it would harm their income from PCNs. Even better would be a system that will not allow you to enter a VRN that does not match one already captured by the Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. Several companies do this - you enter your VRN and they show a photo of the car. Better still would be barrier on exit car parks, but again that doesn't bring in the PCN revenues. Remember if you receive a PCN to never reveal to the parking company who the driver was. Always communicate with them as KEEPER, it make it harder for them to pursue you for payment.

rodney gough's Gravatar
rodney gough

Wednesday, May, 1st, 2019

wish all parking nationally was the same it would make it so much easier everyone know where they are.central london with differnt councils make parking a nightmare .we are disabled doesn't matter where you live should be standardised parking for blue badge holders.