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The Trailer Registration Scheme

Posted in General News on Monday, March 25th, 2019

From 28th March 2019 the DVLA will be making it mandatory for all trailers to be registered with the agency before they are used abroad. This applies to commercial trailers weighing over 750kg and non-commercial trailers that way more than 3,500kg.  Non-commercial trailers that weigh less than this can be registered with the DVLA voluntarily but the law does not require these trailers to be registered. Once a trailer has been registered the DVLA will issue it with a secure trailer registration certificate by post and email confirmation will be sent to the owner of the trailer which will authorise them to have a number plate made for the trailer. This number plate must be displayed when the trailer is being used abroad and the owner must have the registration certificate available so that they can present it to the foreign authorities upon request. If your trailer needs to be registered before you use it abroad you can get it registered online by visiting

If you have an abnormal load trailer you will also need to apply for a keepers certificate for it and you must take this with you when you go abroad so that it can be displayed. To get a keepers certificate for an abnormal load trailer you can visit     

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