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More Drivers Paying for Awareness Courses

Posted in General News on Friday, February 15th, 2019

Statistics supplied by the National Driver Retraining Scheme indicate that the number of people paying to attend driver retraining courses when they are offered them, rather than take the points on their driving licence, has risen by more than a third in the last five years. In 2018 a total of 1.45million drivers attended one of these courses after committing a motoring offence. This is an increase of 36% from a figure of 1.07million in 2013. The most widely attended courses last year were the speed awareness courses which had 1.19 million attendees. Drivers are invited to attend speed awareness courses at the discretion of the police force and those who receive an invite have generally been travelling at a speed which is 10% higher than the speed limit + 2mph. This means that those who have been invited to the course for speeding in a 30mph zone will have been travelling at a speed somewhere between 35 and 42mph.

Despite speed awareness courses being the most commonly attended form of driver retraining course in 2018, 110,000 drivers also attended the relatively new motorway awareness course last year. This course is designed to educate drivers about motorway laws such as variable speed limits and the importance of adhering to the red ‘X’ signs which appear in the overhead gantries to indicate lane closures.

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