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Energy Firm Claims to have Improved EV Charging

Posted in General News on Monday, February 4th, 2019

The British Firm, AFC Energy has created the CH2ARGE’, the first electric vehicle (EV) charger utilising hydrogen fuel cell technology. This form of charger costs significantly less than the standard EV charger primarily because it can function off the grid. Given that the government is aiming for every new car to be fully electric by 2040 it is hoped that this technology will be the key to making sure that the demand for an efficient vehicle charging infrastructure is met. The fuel cells replace conventional batteries in the sense that they will continually produce electricity as long as they are fed with a supply of hydrogen and oxygen. Adam Bond, AFC Energy’s Chief Executive commented: “It is one thing to stick a couple of EV charger points on the motorway, but that is not going to deliver the policy. What we are trying to do is take from government or industry the need to create another 20 gigawatts of power, and displace that with localised, decentralised, standalone clean energy solutions that will operate 24/7, as and when you need them. “We can accept a lower grade of hydrogen than a lot of other fuel cells,” explains Bond. “Those fuel cells in cars that require ultra-high purity – we don’t need anywhere near that level, so it is a lower cost.” 

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Melvin Wagg's Gravatar
Melvin Wagg

Monday, February, 4th, 2019

I've got a electric car and it's very disappointing to pull into the services to charge the car to find that all of the chargers are in use or people have just parked in the bay just to nip to the loo or McDonald's for a belly busting burger,but alas I have to wait for a hour for you to feed your belly, when all I want is to top up and get home to feed mine.. I agree with the hydrogen way but will the government allow it, because it's hard for them to tax rainfall...