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Pavement Parking Inquiry

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DVLA Changes V11 Form

Posted in General News on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

After receiving customer feedback relating to the reminder for vehicle tax form (V11) the DVLA has made a number of changes to it. The customer feedback indicated that the previous form was poorly laid out and difficult to understand because it was ‘very text heavy’ and ‘lacking in clear focus and structure’. The new form has therefore been split into three sections. The top third of the form now provides details such as the vehicle keeper’s name and address, the vehicle registration number and the expiry date of the tax. The middle section of the form gives the keeper the option to pay the vehicle tax, declare that the vehicle is off the road or confirm that they no longer have the vehicle. The final section of the form gives the keeper the opportunity to decide how they want to pay the tax, be it online, over the phone or via the post office. These changes are part of a continuing effort from the DVLA to improve the services it provides to its customers and the agency hopes that the new form will make it easier for people to renew their vehicle tax.

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