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Universal Credit Update

Posted in General News on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

 On 11th January 2019 the Work and Pensions Secretary, Amber Rudd, renounced the government’s plans to place a benefits cap on families that are receiving Universal Credit and have more than two children. Amber Rudd went on to state that families with children born before the system began in 2017 will remain exempt from the cap in an effort to make sure the system is “compassionate and fair”. It was also confirmed that she will delay asking MPs to authorise the transfer of a further 3 million people onto Universal Credit in favour of conducting a pilot scheme which would involve taking 10,000 people through the Universal Credit Process.  This will help the government to identify where the problems are with Universal Credit and modify the system accordingly. Amber Rudd commented: “I'm making a number of changes to our welfare system to make sure that it delivers on the intent which is to be a safety net and also to be a compassionate and fair system helping people into work."

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Geoffrey Mellor's Gravatar
Geoffrey Mellor

Tuesday, January, 15th, 2019

I am currently receiving High Rate Mobility allowance and low rate care allowance, I have recently undergone surgery following a fall and a broken arm, on my release from Rehability Centre and apply for higher rate care allowance, will I have to apply through Universal Credit.

G errardina Norcross 's Gravatar
G errardina Norcross

Wednesday, January, 16th, 2019

Surely this is what should have happened from day one of Universal Credit. This has been the most dreadful roll out of a benefit together with an extremely callous regime of "sanctions" which leave people penniless for months at a time, that's even weeks taken to even start the process. This was always a money saving scheme. PIP was another money saver.