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NI Councils Make £1.4M from Disabled Bay Abuse PCNs

Posted in General News on Friday, November 30th, 2018

According to figures supplied by the Department for Infrastructure (DfI), motorists in Northern Ireland have been fined a total of £1.4 million over the past three years for misusing disabled parking bays with more than 16,000 fines having been issued to motorists during this time. The DfIs figures indicate that more fines have already been issued this year than in the whole of 2016. So far in 2018, Wellington Place in Belfast is the area where the most PCNs have been issued for the offence. The exact total for this area is 213 and the next two areas on the list are James Street in Cookstown and High Street, Omar where 138 and 130 PCNs have been issued respectively.  DMUK is very pleased to see that local authorities in Northern Ireland appear to be enforcing the Blue Badge scheme effectively and making sure that the integrity of the scheme is upheld.

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Mark Thompson's Gravatar
Mark Thompson

Monday, December, 3rd, 2018

I In my experience the scheme is commonly abused by people using their friends' or relatives' Blue Badge. I have always believed that Local Authorities should be empowered to check and verify that the Badge Holder is present when the Badge is being used.

Peter Samuel's Gravatar
Peter Samuel

Monday, December, 3rd, 2018

Though I sympathise with those who got fined......... I really wish that Councils in Surrey and Brighton would actually help Disabled Drivers to park in allocated Disabled Bays! Both Reigate & Bansted Council and Brighton & Hove Council are managed by Surrey County Councils extended arm called ORBIS. Vans, trucks and builders vehicles park in marked Disabled Bays with impunity! I have personally taken photos and sent to Brighton & Hove council to no avail.

Paul Baker's Gravatar
Paul Baker

Monday, December, 3rd, 2018

I'm really pleased that enforcement is being taken in some areas if not others. I get tired of hearing, "I was only going to be a few minutes." , or "I don't have a blue badge but am old.". Old age is something that happens to all of us and is not a disability. One thing about the article I was not happy with was calling them 'disabled parking spaces'. They are blue badge parking spaces. Calling them disabled parking spaces gives people the excuse to use them claiming to be disabled. Maybe all those councils complaining that they are cash strapped should look to do something about those who abuse the system.

John barker's Gravatar
John barker

Monday, December, 3rd, 2018

We need this kind of response to disabled parking in our country . But as normal we do not have the man power over here do we, You get fed up with people telling you to f. Off and when you phone the police there say we can not come. As it is a minor problem

Melissa Chapin's Gravatar
Melissa Chapin

Monday, December, 3rd, 2018

This is helpful news to pass on to MPs and local councils. Disabled badge holders have been trying to convince councils for years to police Blue badge parking abuse. Even better, the monies collected could be used not only to create "purple" jobs by hiring disabled people to police disabled parking, it could also potentially improve access in public buildings and green spaces and create better and more accessible parking spaces for blue badge drivers. Thank you so much for this informative article!

Keith's Gravatar

Monday, December, 3rd, 2018

I wish my local council, Torbay, would enforce proper use of disabled bays and blue badges!

Colin Taylor's Gravatar
Colin Taylor

Monday, December, 3rd, 2018

My local council levy most of their fines by fining genuine blue badge holders . Their operatives hide in bushes to check your cardboard clock in case you have not set the time to 100% accuracy . They also issue fines for touching the yellow lines . That never challenge obvious “ringers “ by inspecting the blue badge

Bill H's Gravatar
Bill H

Tuesday, December, 4th, 2018

I'd like to think there would be at least a similar income in the rest of the UK although as a disabled driver I'd like to see the fines doubled and the money raised ring-fenced for improvements to the roads infrastructure. (I tend to live on a fantasy island).