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Progress for Parking (Code of Practice) Bill

Posted in General News on Friday, November 30th, 2018

The Parking (Code of Practice) Bill which is designed to ensure that all private parking operators govern their car parks in the same way has now been approved by MPs in the House of Commons and it received its first reading in the House of Lords on 26th November 2018. One of the main components of the Bill is the introduction of a new single, independent parking appeals service for drivers to use if they believe they have been issued a ticket unfairly. Another important section of the Bill stipulates that all parking facilities must give drivers a 10 minute grace period and that the maximum fine for overstaying must be limited to £100. The Bill is expected to reach the stage of Royal Ascent by April next year giving parking professionals enough time to make sure that it is implemented effectively and ensure that operators fully understand the framework. Local Government Minister, Rishi Sunak MP, commented: “Millions of drivers use private car parks every day, and far too many of them are receiving unjust fines at the hands of rogue firms. We need a fairer, clearer and more consistent system that puts the brake on the unfair practices being experienced by too many drivers.” When the unifying framework is finally implemented it will encompass disabled bay enforcement and DMUK will work to ensure that the framework upholds the integrity of the Blue Badge scheme effectively.

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Norma Corbett's Gravatar
Norma Corbett

Monday, December, 3rd, 2018

I can't see anything about enforcement of Blue Badge spaces in private car parks

Pauline Hayes's Gravatar
Pauline Hayes

Tuesday, December, 4th, 2018

Parking isn't just THE issue for disabled drivers and passengers - it's the way the Blue Badge is freely given to 'anyone' who can say they have a 'bad back'/'cannot walk too far?'/''has a limp'/'needs something to hold on to'? etc etc Many times I have sat in a car park and watched able bodied persons who can walk or jog across the road or to the shops and happily display a disable blue badge. Genuine disabled drivers and passengers leave their Blue Badge on display (as we do) the scammers put them up when they need a quick and easy parking space; and some of the older folks are just as bad; most of them can walk better than I can and I'm a carer who have had to keep myself reasonably fit and healthy - I watch in absolute disgust and amazement of how the Blue Badge Scheme is so easy to scam and no one has to prove a thing - IT'S DISGUSTING and the need to investigate people first should have remained - I went through hell for my son years ago and he was born disabled.

margaret chappell's Gravatar
margaret chappell

Tuesday, December, 4th, 2018

Hope this applies to all the supermarket car parks in which it is well nigh impossible to find a car space not occupied by an able bodied driver. The abuse of disabled drivers' rights continues to escalate and local councils do nothing to stop it.