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The Strategic Roads User Survey

Posted in General News on Thursday, November 15th, 2018

The independent research organisation, Transport Focus, has recently released the latest version of the Strategic Roads User Survey (SRUS). The survey involves collecting the views of 8000 motorists from around the UK by conducting a series of interviews. The SRUS forms part of the Transport Focus Data Hub. Other areas of research in the hub include, bus passenger surveys, rail passenger surveys, tram passenger surveys and motorway service user surveys. All of these documents can be viewed at  

The data from the SRUS showed that 82% of the nation’s motorists are generally satisfied with the Strategic Road Network (SRN). The most concerning information to come out of the survey for Transport Focus and ultimately, Highways England, was the relatively low satisfaction rate in regards to roadworks management as just 65% of the respondents said that they were satisfied with this aspect of the network. The other measurements of satisfaction calculated in the survey included, journey times (82%) surface quality (79%), feeling safe (93%), the information given on permanent signs (89%) and the information given on electronic signs (83%). Looking at the data on a regional level revealed that levels of satisfaction are lower in certain areas. In the South East for example, only 51% of the respondents were satisfied with the management of roadworks projects.  On top of having the lowest overall satisfaction rating of 74%, drivers in the Midlands also seem suffer when it comes to journey times as only 76% of the respondents felt like they could make adequate progress when using the SRN.

When it comes to motorists’ satisfaction with specific roads on the SRN the A1 performed best with an overall satisfaction rating of 85%. The A1 was closely followed by the M62 which had a rating of 84% and the M5 with a rating of 83%. The M1 and M6 were at the other end of the scale with ratings of 75% and 68% respectively. Transport Focus, Chief Executive, Anthony Smith commented: “This new survey provides a detailed picture at regional and individual road level about the experience of all drivers, whether in cars, vans, lorries or coaches - as well as motorcyclists. It makes it possible for those who manage specific roads to find out what users think on a range of key issues and identify where they need to prioritise improvements.”

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