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Speeding Offences Rife

Posted in General News on Monday, November 12th, 2018

New data issued by the Department for Transport (DfT) has revealed that many British drivers are not deterred from speeding, particularly when driving in areas with lower speed limits.

The data comprised of 446.6 million journeys that were undertaken at 74 monitored sites across the UK last year. In total 46% of the motorists that took these journeys were speeding when they did so and this figure rose to 52% in 30 mph zones and 86% in 20mph zones.  

As one would expect the highest speeds clocked by the monitors were reached by those driving on motorways. Out of the 34.3 million drivers which took to the monitored motorways last year 48% were recorded at speeds in excess of 70mph. Large numbers of motorway drivers were also failing to leave a two second gap. This was the case for 34% of car drivers and 40% of motorcyclists.

When DfT staff examined the patterns in the data that had been collected they found that drivers are more willing to exceed the speed limit in the early hours of the morning, For example, 94% of the car drivers travelling through 20mph zones at this time of day exceeded the speed limit.

All things considered, it appears that drivers were at their most law abiding when they were driving on 60mph roads as just 9% were found to be exceeding the limit in these zones. When the DfT’s 74 chosen sites were being monitored last year it wasn’t just speeding drivers that were recorded, many drivers were found to be travelling a lot slower than the rest of the traffic which can be equally as hazardous, particularly on faster roads. There were 13.7 million incidents in which drivers were clocked travelling slower than 50mph on motorways when the traffic was moving freely.

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