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New CAA Guidance on Assisting Passengers with Hidden Disabilities

Posted in General News on Thursday, October 25th, 2018

On 15th October the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued new guidance to airlines advising them on how to provide special assistance to passengers with hidden disabilities. This new guidance was formulated by the CAA with help from a number of disability groups and it states that passengers with hidden disabilities should be treated with the optimum level of care by all airlines. More specifically the CAA advises that airlines should:

  • Have workable procedures in place so that those who require special assistance are able to ask for it at the point of booking.
  • Share information about a passenger’s assistance needs within their own organisation as well as with the airport and ground handling agents.
  • Make sure that a passenger with a hidden disability is seated with a travel companion without having to incur any extra cost.
  • Make sure that members of staff are well trained to be able to identify passengers with hidden disabilities and ensure that they are assisted accordingly.
  • Make sure that passengers with hidden disabilities are well cared for if their flight is delayed or cancelled.

Paul Smith, Director of Consumers & Markets at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, commented: “Passengers with hidden disabilities can find airports and aeroplanes confusing and challenging environments, which is why we want to work with the industry to ensure the journey from check-in to arrival at a final destination is made as comfortable as possible.”

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