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Government Makes Cuts to Plug-in Grants

Posted in General News on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

The Department for Transport (DfT) has recently announced that the government will be reducing the maximum grant amount it gives to those buying vehicles that fall into emissions category 1 by £1,000 to £3,500, while the grants for vehicles in emissions categories 2 and 3 will be scrapped entirely. This means that only vehicles that emit less then 50g/km of CO₂ and can travel at least 70 miles without emitting any CO₂ at all will be eligible for a plug in grant. These changes are set to come into effect on 12th November 2018 and the announcement has sparked criticism from a number of motoring organisations including the AA and the RAC. Head of Roads Policy at the AA, Jack Cousins, commented: “The government wants to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars, but scrapping grants for low emission cars may well stall their progress. This announcement will simply put more drivers off from buying greener cars."

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Harry Bickerstaff's Gravatar
Harry Bickerstaff

Wednesday, October, 17th, 2018

While I'm desperate to use as little fuel (and emissions) as possible, a totally electric car doesn't meet my needs, as I live in a rural area and adding charging times to longer (regular) journeys, makes for a longer day out ,more or less, every time. So, I'm forced to use a petrol/electric hybrid and the government, which professes to be 'encouraging' folk like me, into minimum CO2 creation, gets more tax, while trying to get political kuodos. Looks crooked to me!

Brian Bremer's Gravatar
Brian Bremer

Thursday, October, 18th, 2018

Quite frankly this is a disgusting retro step. For all those like myself a Motability customer, the Goalposts just got moved even further away. Constantly we are being victimised by being pushed out of the Green market. Virtually every Hybrid through to full Electric car falls way above the allowances dictated to us by Motability. Eventually only the Wealthy will be privileged to drive while us Serf walk and Kowtow our way along the empty streets

Brian Bremer's Gravatar
Brian Bremer

Friday, October, 19th, 2018

Wonderful, with the cut in grants, inflated prices of even the most basic hybrid or electric cars, many Disabled drivers will no longer be able to mobilise themselves. Even on Motability, like myself, the allowance limit falls woefully below these cars. So where will we be when this happens? “Housebound, or at best only able to get about on Mobility scooters” Surely this is a form of victimisation of the Disabled minority. No one seems to want to stick their heads over the Parapet and face up to our lousy Government.