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Speed Humps Proving Costly

Posted in General News on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

According to a study conducted by the car insurance comparison site, more than a fifth of UK motorists have reported that driving over speed bumps has caused damage to their vehicle. Local councils awarded a total of around £35,000 to motorists following these claims in the two year period between 2015 and 2017. The firm’s study revealed that London based councils alone accounted for nearly half of the total as they paid out £15,717 after receiving 8,516 speed bump related claims. On average affected motorists are forced to pay £141 to get their vehicle repaired in these cases with 48% reporting tyre problems and 33% experiencing suspension defects. This information was acquired by means of an online survey which included 2,000 motorists and a series of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests sent to local councils. Despite speed bumps being an extremely common traffic calming measure 25% of those surveyed believe they are ineffective.

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David Adshead's Gravatar
David Adshead

Thursday, October, 4th, 2018

Thats a very simplistic view David, several years ago my Rover 75 suffered serious suspension damage due to a speed bump, despite the fact that I had slowed to around 10 mph, the council initially refused to pay for the damage, it was only when I proved to them that the speed bumps did not conform to the regulations, (100mm High by 900mm Wide) that they paid the £347 bill, the speed bumps were removed within a month and have neve been replaced, which makes me wonder why they were ever put there in the first place.

David Nixon 's Gravatar
David Nixon

Thursday, October, 4th, 2018

Speed bumps are there to slow down traffic if you fail to do this any damage caused as a result of the driver not slowing down is the drivers fault.

Barry Davies 's Gravatar
Barry Davies

Thursday, October, 4th, 2018

Both my stepson and my wife suffer from constant back pain and because of this speed hump's are a constant hazard, as a result of these obstacles I have to slow almost to a stop to accommodate their pain and discomfort, but it infuriates drivers following me to the extent that sometimes I even get overtaken accompanied with finger gestures or verbal abuse. In other words road rage.