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Almost a Third of Drivers Lost Without Satnav

Posted in General News on Friday, August 31st, 2018

Nearly a third of UK drivers would be completely lost on the road without the aid of a satnav according to a recent survey conducted by the car hire firm, Europcar. Further inspection showed that drivers aged between 25 and 34 are far more likely to use a satnav then others, with 80% of the respondents in this age group saying that they would turn to a satnav to help them reach their destination. In contrast, just 47% of drivers over the age of 65 would feel comfortable using a satnav, and a similar percentage said that they would prefer to use a map. Despite so many drivers relying on this technology to find their way around our roads, a number of people have been misled by their satnav. Out of those surveyed, one in five admitted to having been directed into a field or taken down a dead end by their navigation system. Europcar UK Managing Director, Gary Smith commented: “It seems we are in a transition when it comes to what we use to find our way to a new destination, but there’s no doubt that the reliance on satnav is increasing. And perhaps arguing with an inanimate device – rather than the passengers – is preferred.”

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Mavis Tingay's Gravatar
Mavis Tingay

Saturday, September, 1st, 2018

I’m an over 70 driver and I embrace new technology. I have driven extensively in Cornwall, Devon, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Lake District and Scotland using a SatNav without problems. Before a long journey I ensure the SatNav has been updated, set it to type of navigation motorway or other roads, then plan my route. After that I look at the SatNav map to check it is correct. I also keep a road map book in the car turned to the page of route. Never understood how people can be misled into places they didn’t want.