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TRL believes More is Needed to Help Distracted Pedestrians

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Stricter Punishment for Illegal Phone Use Showing Results

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Highways England Launches Campaign Against Tailgating

Having discovered that tailgating causes 100 deaths or serious injuries every year on Britain's road...

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Open Letter Regarding Pavement Parking Delivered to Downing Street

Posted in General News on Friday, August 31st, 2018

Yesterday (30th August) The Guide Dogs Charity delivered its open letter to Downing Street, asking for the government to take urgent action to prevent unsafe pavement parking. This was done exactly 1000 days after the government promised to look into how the introduction of a nationwide law on pavement parking would work. The letter, which was supported by more than 17,000 individuals and 20 organisations, including DMUK, states: “Cars parked on pavements force people into the road to face oncoming traffic, which is particularly dangerous for many, including blind and partially sighted people, parents with pushchairs and young children, wheelchair users and others who use mobility aids. Pedestrians should be able to rely on pavements being clear and safe.” Given that we strongly agree with this statement, we would like to thank everyone who signed the letter and we hope it results in the government taking urgent action to tackle the problem.

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