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Calls for Mobility Scooter Driving Tests

Posted in General News on Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

In July Mary Parker, from Derby died after suffering a collision on her mobility scooter. In response to this, her son, Darrel Parker, has come forward to ask for compulsory tests to be given to anybody who wishes to purchase a scooter to make sure they can operate one safely. Darrel Parker commented: “It is quite worrying that some of these scooters can be driven on the road without a driving licence or having to pay any road tax or anything like that. Anyone could get one. I think there should be some sort of test which measures whether people have the ability to ride them.” According to a survey conducted by the Derby Telegraph, 85% of the local public agrees that the law around purchasing a mobility scooter needs to change.

This incident is not the only one of its kind to take place in Derby. Prior to Mary Parker’s death, another mobility scooter user was hit by a car while crossing a road and during the inquest into this man’s death, the coroner said that she would write to the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, asking for a change in the law which would restrict the people who could purchase mobility scooters.

DMUK is a strong advocate of proper training for any person who purchases a mobility scooter. The charity also recommends that all the owners of mobility scooters acquire appropriate insurance.

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Heather 's Gravatar

Tuesday, August, 7th, 2018

I agree with this totally! I am a portable Scooter user but also a driver and use many of my driving skills whilst on my scooter such as spatial awareness, awareness of other people around you, reversing and turning skills etc. I have seen too many near misses with the road scooters that anyone can buy and ride even if they have never driven, and feel there should always be some sort of assessment to make sure you re safe to drive on. After all, it is not just the users themselves that are at risk-pedestrians can be badly injured if they are bit by a scooter even at low speed.