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Why Is a Folding Mobility Scooter the Perfect Travel Companion?

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Why Is a Folding Mobility Scooter the Perfect Travel Companion?

Posted in General News on Monday, July 16th, 2018

You might think of a mobility scooter as a useful way of getting from A to B, running errands and visiting friends or family with your independence intact. But for those looking to travel with their scooter, whether you’re holidaying here in the UK or adventuring abroad, the options are a little bit limited.

A compact travel scooter might seem the most sensible option, but this means assembling and disassembling the scooter every time you go out, with plenty of bending and lifting involved to get the pieces in the car. And while pavement and road scooters offer a little more heft and a lot more range, they aren’t suitable for taking with you in the boot of the car.

However, with advances in technology and design over the last couple of years, folding scooters have brought a new option to the table for those looking to travel with their mobility vehicle. Collapsible, lightweight frames make folding scooters easy to haul around without sacrificing comfort or safety, and many are fitted with airline-friendly batteries. Some even come with their own hard-shell suitcase, so your travels are stress-free.

They also tend to be more agile thanks to their slimline designs. In small flats, busy supermarkets and crowded high streets, a folding scooter will perform just as well as a travel or pavement model.

So, if you could use an exotic cruise or a far-flung holiday, or you’re just after a mobility vehicle that takes a little less disassembly to get it into your car boot, take a look at three of the best folding scooters below.


Three of the Best Folding Mobility Scooters


CareCo Scootcase Folding Mobility Scooter

One of our first folding scooters and still one of our favourites, the Scootcase is designed to be the ultimate travel companion. It keeps things simple, with a compact foldable build that fits neatly into its own durable suitcase. Airline-approved batteries make this one ideal for the more intrepid travellers out there.

Genie+ LCD Folding Scooter

With just one click of a key fob, the Genie+ automatically folds into a compact manageable shape, designed to slide easily into the boot of most modern cars. This is one of the lightest complete folding scooters, so it’s a bit easier to lift into your car boot without any awkward disassembly. There’s also a clear and easy to use LCD display, and the range of 10 miles between charges is a little more than most folding scooters.

Moving Life ATTO Freedom Scooter

This high-end folding scooter is one of the most technologically advanced mobility vehicles around. Its unique ‘transfolding’ function converts the scooter to the size of a standard piece of luggage in just a few seconds, or you can split it into two parts for even easier storage and transportation. Smart mechanisms help you to find the perfect driving position, the angled footrest is more comfortable, and it even has the capacity for on- and off-board charging.

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Margaret Thurtle's Gravatar
Margaret Thurtle

Monday, July, 2nd, 2018

Looks fine,i do not have a battery one at the moment.. Costings would be a trouble at this time.But thank you very much. Margaret T