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New EU Vehicle Safety Regulations

Posted in General News on Friday, June 1st, 2018

The European Commission is working hard to get a law passed which will make a number of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as autonomous emergency braking, lane keeping assistance, and fatigue monitoring mandatory on all new vehicles by 2021. The commission is looking to make 11 pieces of safety technology mandatory within the next three years and it is estimated that achieving this will save 7,300 lives over the course of a decade. The Parliamentary Advisory Council (PACTS) pointed out that, if it is passed, this new law has the potential to reduce casualties and save the government billions of pounds without any investment being needed. The commission stated that all of the technology cited in this legislation can compensate for human error in some way and it will therefore play a role in Europe’s progression towards the widespread use of fully autonomous vehicles. Despite new vehicles being fitted with a lot more safety technology as standard, the commission assures that this law will not result in vehicles being more expensive. Instead the commission stated that the reduction in road traffic accidents that would occur as a result of this technology being fitted to every new vehicle would save motorists across Europe an estimated €73billion.

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Barry Davies 's Gravatar
Barry Davies

Saturday, June, 2nd, 2018

(I am Ryan's stepfather and driver) Items I think that should be mandatory are lights that automatically connected to the wipers to eliminate the idiots that drive at speed through spray and are not visible. Fit speed limiter's to all commercial vehicles together with tachographs to prevent them from hugging the third and forth lanes of motorways tailgating other vehicles simply to go faster and faster. The speed's they travel at has a total disregard for speed limits.