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Roadwork Delays Remain a Major Problem

Posted in General News on Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Motorists in England and Wales are forced to cope with a collective total of 47,000 days worth of delayed roadworks per month according to a report published by the Highways Authorities and the Utilities Committee. The report found that local authorities were at fault for the majority of the delays. Roadworks initiated by local authorities are three times more likely to run on past there deadlines than those projects that are run by water, energy and telecoms providers. This often happens because the roads are not resurfaced to the required standards and therefore the process has to be repeated. In the defence of local authorities, the Local Government Association stated that councils often carry out long term roadworks which are more prone to running overtime whereas roadworks carried out by utility firms and their contractors tend to be on a smaller scale and are therefore far less likely to run past their deadline. A spokesperson for the Local Government Association (LGA) said: “It can be misleading to compare data across councils and private companies.” That being said, local councils carried out 68% of all the roadworks completed between April and July last year yet they were accountable for 132,000 over-run days which is 94% of the total. Comparatively utility firms were responsible for 32% of the roadworks undertaken during this time period yet these firms were only accountable for 9,000 over-run days. It is for this reason that AA President, Edmund King, has accused councils of “taking their eye off the ball.”

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Roy Wilson's Gravatar
Roy Wilson

Wednesday, May, 16th, 2018

I travel weekly between home in Wakefield and the MS Therapy centre in Leeds. For over a period of 8-9 weeks we use the M621. In that time the speed limit goes from 70 on M1 down (briefly) to 50 then after 500yds down to 30. We very rarely see workmen. They are putting up a new central barrier. How much longer this going to complete the job? We joke that the reduction in the speed limit is there to catch mortorists "Speeding".

Brian Bremer's Gravatar
Brian Bremer

Wednesday, May, 16th, 2018

Regarding delays to roadworks. In Pershore we have one road Station road, this was subject to temporary lights for a new build site. This was 2 years ago and the developer was to install a proper permanent set of lights with refuge. Two years later and nothing has been done. Our Local Council and Highways have made an enforcement on this and basically the Developer Persimmon is simply sticking 2 fingers up at them and the Population of Pershore.