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Lack of Vehicle Knowledge becomes a Concern

Posted in General News on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

In a recent survey conducted by it was discovered that a large number of British motorists do not know how to take care of their vehicles and keep them in working order. In London for example, one in five motorists have driven a car knowing that it has failed its MOT. The survey also revealed that among drivers in London, only 48% know how to change their car headlights and just under a quarter (23%) think it is legal to drive a car that has had the doors removed. When looking elsewhere in the UK the firm discovered that drivers in Northern Ireland had the least car knowledge, as 25% of the drivers in this area admitted to never checking their tyres and 75% don’t know how to change their car  headlights. At the other end of the scale, drivers in the East Midlands were found to be the safest, followed by those in East Anglia and the North West.

Taking into consideration the collective figures from across the UK the survey showed that 20% of drivers in the UK do not know how to add antifreeze to their car, 60% don’t know how to change their headlights and 15% have “no idea what is checked in their MOT”. Tim Alcock, Head of Online at commented: “The survey reveals a shocking lack of knowledge among British drivers about basic aspects of car maintenance and safety. Not only is ignoring the basics dangerous, it’s also expensive. In the long run, those little problems get worse and turn into big ones, so failing to keep your car in decent shape will cost you both time and money. With a little more knowledge about car maintenance and safety, British drivers could save themselves a lot of money over the years.”

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Roy Wilson's Gravatar
Roy Wilson

Wednesday, May, 16th, 2018

A neighbour who works for the police comes and check things regularly. When serious things happen we contact motability.

Charles Hardisty's Gravatar
Charles Hardisty

Wednesday, May, 16th, 2018

Maybe more courses should be available based on car maintenance.

David B Sears's Gravatar
David B Sears

Wednesday, May, 16th, 2018

It just goes to show, how passing a driving test does not mean you know anything about the vehicle! It should be included in the test, you should have to walk around the vehicle and show the examiner, exactly how and where you add antifreeze or adblu, how to check tyre depth and pressures, when cold and not after driving. Safety belt rules and who is responsible for childrens safety in vehicle. Drink and drug rules about NOT driving under the influence. Who has priority on a road full of cars parked down one side of the road. How to park a car on the road at night, facing the right way? Include all these in the test and about 50% will fail, however, those interested in driving safely will pass first time.

Heather Bradshaw's Gravatar
Heather Bradshaw

Wednesday, May, 16th, 2018

When they talk about ‘changing headlights’ do they mean changing the bulbs or changing from dipped to full headlights and vice versa? It is not made clear! I used to change headlight bulbs on my previous car, a Ford Fiesta, but I wouldn’t do it now as I have a Motability car and take the car to the garage if anything needs doing. And my car has something to tell me if the tyres go down so I can get them sorted. I always used to check everything but now the VW garage I lease my car from does all the servicing and checking of lfluid levels to top up etc. A lot of disabled people cannot do some of these jobs- are they then also classed as ignorant and would they fail a driving test if they could not change fluid levels and headlight bulbs etc?

Ian Ritsma's Gravatar
Ian Ritsma

Wednesday, May, 16th, 2018

Motorists should look after their cars, ...Look after your car and it will look after you, neglect it and it could kill you!!

mrs elaine stevens's Gravatar
mrs elaine stevens

Thursday, May, 17th, 2018

I was amazed at the amount of people surveyed that don't even know the basics of car care !!! I am 67yrs old, disabled, and has been driving for 42yrs. I still check my own oil,water etc,especially my tyres,under inflated tyres can be dangerous and also you consume more fuel !!! Although now I'm not physically able to change a wheel,as I used to,I still like to feel responsible as much as l can for the safety for myself and passengers.Maybe basic car care should be incorporated in the driving test,as it is in other countries. !!!