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Quiet Vehicles Causing Safety Concerns

Posted in General News on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

The road safety group, SteerSafe, is calling for the manufacturers of quiet electric and hybrid vehicles to ensure that they emit some sort of noise when they are being driven so that pedestrians and other road users can hear them approaching. The group is primarily concerned about the safety of those with hearing or vision impairments, the elderly and children. In its campaign, SteerSafe called quiet electric and hybrid vehicles “silent killers” because of the dangers that they pose to a number of vulnerable road users. The group has used research conducted by the Guide Dogs charity to support its campaign. The charity’s statistics indicate that people are 40% more likely to be run over by a quiet electric or hybrid vehicle as opposed to petrol or diesel powered vehicle. It is for this reason that the EU has stipulated that new technology must be fitted to electric vehicles by 2019 so that the vehicles make a noise when they are travelling at low speeds. The EU also expects all existing quiet electric and hybrid vehicles to be retrofitted with this technology by 2021. However, SteerSafe maintains that this action would come too late and that, until that time, huge numbers of vulnerable road users will be put at risk by the 45,000 plus electric vehicles that are already being used on Britain’s roads. The Founder of SteerSafe, Christopher Hansen-Abbott OBE, commented: “Vulnerable road users, millions of them, children, the elderly, the blind, the deaf, headphone wearers, the preoccupied and the unwary - all are threatened by the stealthy slow-speed approach of soundless vehicles. The EU plans to regulate for added approach-sound but not until July next year. By then countless lives will have been imperilled.”

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David B Sears's Gravatar
David B Sears

Wednesday, May, 16th, 2018

We have gadgets for all vehicles, why not a gadget that makes a car sound like a Ferrari or Maserati by installing a radar gadget that scans the road for a human heat source and sets off a low decibel sound like a car approaching as a low engine hum. On a quiet country road this, would be silent, however, when a source of heat was detected this would set off the sound of a vehicle approaching. The same invention could be installed at manufacture, almost instantly. We talk about Brexit and our country was founded on British inventions like the cats-eyes. Let's show the world we have still not lost our touch!!!