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New Car Sales Continue to Fall

Posted in General News on Thursday, April 12th, 2018

According to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) the UK’s new car sales dropped by 16% in March. The figures showed that 474,000 new vehicles were registered in the UK last month compared to 562,000 in March 2017 and the sale of diesel vehicles dropped by 37%. For the first quarter of the year new car sales as a whole were down by 12% compared to 2017, despite the sale of petrol cars rising by 0.5% and the sale of hybrid and electric vehicles rising by 6%. Taking all of these figures into consideration, new diesel vehicles now account for just 33.5% of the new cars on the market which is a decline of 10% compared to last year. Petrol cars still make up the majority of new cars on the market as this type of vehicle accounts for 61.4% of all sales. SMMT Chief Executive, Mike Hawes, has asked the government to do more to encourage motorists to let go of their old vehicles and replace them with new vehicles which are more environmentally friendly. He commented: “A thriving new car market is essential to the overall health of our economy This means creating the right economic conditions for all types of consumers to have the confidence to buy new vehicles. All technologies, regardless of fuel type, have a role to play in helping improve air quality whilst meeting our climate change targets, so Government must do more to encourage consumers to buy new vehicles rather than hang onto their older, more polluting vehicles.”

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