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Illegal Use of Bus Lanes is Rife

Posted in General News on Thursday, April 12th, 2018

More than one million fines are issued to drivers in the UK every year for driving in bus lanes at times when it is not permitted. According to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request issued to the UK’s local authorities, the combined cost of these fines, which can cost motorists as much as £60 each, is at least £68 million per year. Between 2015 and 2017 a total of 3.4 million Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) were issued to motorists for the illegal use of bus lanes. The research also revealed the statistics for each of the local authorities that responded to the FOI request. 994,000 fines were issued to drivers in London and this is where the largest number of offenders were penalised. When it comes to local authorities outside of London, Manchester City Council issued the largest number of PCNs with a figure of 353,000 over the two year period. Manchester was followed by Glasgow which issued 339,000 fines. The other local authorities on the list were Cardiff with 268,000, Bradford with 209,000 and Nottingham with a figure of 195,000. The RAC Foundation called for improved signage along with the implementation of ‘smart bus lanes’ which could be used by all vehicles at times when the amount of traffic is low. RAC Spokesman, Simon Williams, commented: “The sheer quantity of fines - more than a million every year - suggests something is awry and we don't believe the vast majority are knowingly breaking the rules. While there is clearly no defence for deliberately driving in a bus lane, we believe more can be done to make it obvious to drivers when they can and can't drive in one."

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John Roberts's Gravatar
John Roberts

Monday, April, 16th, 2018

is it surprising to see drivers using bus lanes when traffic is bumper to bumper and the bus lane is empty?

val blake's Gravatar
val blake

Monday, April, 16th, 2018

Before I moved house,there was a bus lane at a set of lights with a busy left turn. there were two lanes --one straight ahead and one bus lane with room for one car to turn left. The bus lane went back to the previous junction with room for one car at the front for a left turn. If you were unlucky enough to get a row of buses you can imagine the chaos when the lights went green.

Ray Spalding's Gravatar
Ray Spalding

Monday, April, 16th, 2018

Typical of current policies People (Individuals) at the bottom of the list Solve congestion problems etc BUT assume victims of this policy are deliberately contravening the rules I note in some areas (inter council boundaries etc) A driver on a road is faced with a variety of different times (or 24 hour ban) there are that many night buses? Lazy framing of legislation (designed to catch out the unwary) Are all bus lanes signed at least twice (in case of an HGV/LGV is obscuring the sign)? Is it too much to ask to establish one National set of rules?

Stewart mckinlay's Gravatar
Stewart mckinlay

Monday, July, 9th, 2018

I am disabled driver and went into bus lane got a fine do I have to pay i

Dawn beaven's Gravatar
Dawn beaven

Thursday, July, 26th, 2018

I am disabled and didn’t realise I was ina bus lane do I still have to pay fine