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Council Parking Charges Set to Rise

Posted in General News on Friday, March 16th, 2018

Council parking charges could rise by 45% in certain areas, according to a report compiled by the Local Government Information Unit. The report was analysed by the Daily Mail and according to the Mail’s findings Leicester, Bristol City, Reading, Dover, Cheltenham, Flintshire, Bournemouth, Thanet, and Brighton and Hove are among the councils that have proposed increasing parking charges. Some councils are also considering introducing fees for parking on Sundays. It has been reported that local councils made a £819 million surplus from parking charges and parking permits in 2016/17. The Local Government Association (LGA) has assured motorists that all of this money is set aside for improvements in local transport, but Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK commented: “Our supporters feel that our towns will become urban deserts with the cost of parking becoming more and more an inhibitory factor to keeping town centres viable. When will councils recognise that growing their income depends on low-cost and accessible parking, not knee-jerk cash grabs from hard-working motorists?” These comments were supported by Robert Halfron, MP of Harlow Council, who said: “Whether it is hospital parking charges, or council parking fees, motorists are seen as a cash cow and are being hit by one stealth tax after another.” The Blue Badge is not automatically a monetary concession so while some councils may choose to provide a concession for Blue Badge holders please check the signage when you enter the car park.

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Peter Bevan's Gravatar
Peter Bevan

Friday, March, 16th, 2018

Thought the councils had no money to Repair potholes!!! POB

H Brammer's Gravatar
H Brammer

Friday, March, 16th, 2018

This is the continuation of the death nell for the high street. It is only a matter of time before the only way to shop is on-line. We hate going into towns now because of this and half the time being unable to find anywhere to park.

 Paul Robert Walker's Gravatar
Paul Robert Walker

Friday, March, 16th, 2018

Yet another method of screwing the sacred cash cow - THE MOTORIST ! Go shopping or eating out at places who don't raise their charges instead.

James Tatton's Gravatar
James Tatton

Friday, March, 16th, 2018

I live in Thanet and would not be surprised if parking charges are increased by 45% as they have already had a minimum parking charges for blue badge holders introduced at all the hospitals in the south east health authority.

Steve Smith's Gravatar
Steve Smith

Friday, March, 16th, 2018

For some time now I have deliberately avoided locations where a car park charge for Blue Badges is required. In addition, I no longer shop in some supermarkets or visit my local town centre because the Blue Badge System is so abused it is nigh on impossible to find a space that is not occupied by a vehicle that has no right to be there.

Pat D's Gravatar
Pat D

Friday, March, 16th, 2018

Many local and district councils make no monetary concessions for Blue Badge holders. During discussion with our local council it was pointed out that many Blue Badge holders cannot park and shop as quickly as able bodied people. Charging the same amount as able bodied persons could be construed as discriminatry as no time was allowed for loading or unloading of wheelchairs or scooters, being unable to shop without help if items are are on shelves out of reach of persons in a wheelchair, being unable to walk quickly. In effect disabled persons were being charged for the same amount of parking time as able bodied people but unable to conclude the same amount of shopping within that time due to their disabilities. Our council kept the same payments as for able bodied people but allowed an extra hour for Blue Badge holders. Don't let councils run roughshod over us, fight back with this argument. It worked with our council and with others throughout the UK.

Mrs m hares's Gravatar
Mrs m hares

Monday, March, 19th, 2018

Disabled drivers do not mind paying for parking so long as a fair time is allowed for thier difficulties, and a garentee parking lot, which is not the case, as there are very few parking lots available in most areas in my experience,