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Petrol Prices Becoming a Postcode Lottery

Posted in General News on Monday, March 5th, 2018

New research conducted by the petrol price comparison site, has revealed that petrol prices are a ‘postcode lottery’. The research shows that petrol prices can vary by as much as £17 per full tank of petrol depending on where you live. The difference in variability was at its most extreme when comparisons were made between busy towns and more remote parts of the country where the cost of transporting fuel is generally high and there is less competition to drive down the cost. The most expensive area to buy unleaded petrol is Markfield in Leicestershire where the average cost of one litre of fuel is 134.9p. At the other end of the scale the cheapest area to buy petrol in the UK is the town of Leigh in Greater Manchester where the average cost of a litre of fuel is 112.8p. When it comes to individual fuel stations the cheapest one in the country at the time that the data was collected was based in Taunton Somerset where the price of petrol was 108.9p per litre.  Luke Bosdet from the AA commented: “The pump price lottery is at a scale I have never seen before. Perhaps Sainsbury’s thinks the good folk of Liphook and other places in the South are well-heeled drivers who can afford to take the hit.”

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Mark W's Gravatar
Mark W

Monday, March, 5th, 2018

It's worse than that! Even your postcode is subject to a 'postcode lottery'; depending where you live, you might have a completely different postcode to someone in another part of the UK. So, er, double whammy.

Kenneth Aston's Gravatar
Kenneth Aston

Monday, March, 5th, 2018

Hi I live in Spain (Mojacar) and the price of liter for petrol is (€1.20)==£1. 12.------- diesel (€1.08)=== (£1.00) A bit more for the report( Dacia 1500 Diesel (Road Tax is €41) about (£36). Ken Aston in Spain

Brian Bremer's Gravatar
Brian Bremer

Monday, March, 5th, 2018

Pershore is also one of these Postcode places. We have 2 Market leader Petrol Stations who keep prices high when all around the Supermarkets are cutting prices. Currently Pershore is around 7p pervlitre dearer than Supermarkets on both Petrol and Diesel. Worse though is Premium unleaded which is a whopping 18p pee litre dearer than regular unleaded. Talk about rip off the Consumer