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Large Number of PIP claims Under Review

Posted in General News on Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Following a High Court ruling which branded the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) system as “blatantly discriminatory” to those that experience psychological distress and anxiety, the DWP has promised to review a large number of PIP claims. The court ruled that claimants suffering from physiological distress and anxiety should be eligible to receive points under Mobility Activity 1: planning and following journeys.  The DWP has accepted this ruling and wants to assure the public that work will be done to identify the claimants that should be entitled to further financial support. The Minister of State for Disabled People Health and Work, Sarah Newton, commented: “We are working with stakeholders to change the PIP assessment guide so that we can implement the judgment. Once we have completed this exercise we will be carrying out an administrative exercise to review cases that may be eligible and ensure that claimants receive the correct award.” Once those claimants have been identified it is predicted that their PIP benefit payments will be backdated from November 2016.

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Mike Brown's Gravatar
Mike Brown

Thursday, February, 1st, 2018

It still ignores the many thousands or have had their benefit removed or reduced because of inadequate or even untrue assessments for PIP. It is time this scourge of disabled people is removed and replaced with one that will give them back their dignity.

alan cope's Gravatar
alan cope

Thursday, February, 1st, 2018

I agree they should get people who understands disability and don't work on how many they can get off the benefits my wife is disabled and can not walk far she took 5 steps and they remove her car

ASIMA ABBAS's Gravatar

Friday, February, 2nd, 2018

I am physically unable and suffer from panic attacks and depression my claim also was under review and I had to return my and be put under standard rate, they bypassed all my medical history.

Joanne Goodbody's Gravatar
Joanne Goodbody

Thursday, February, 1st, 2018

I had assessment recently and suffer with depression and no further help is offered to me

Elizabeh's Gravatar

Thursday, February, 1st, 2018

That is good .

Elizabeh's Gravatar

Thursday, February, 1st, 2018

That is a start , I am one for giving disabled people a fair go and treating them l with respect but thati s ont only the government to do but really it is by all people in the country to treat a disabled person with respect as , just woaking in a town and a shop the sales staff are also at blame as they treat them as they shoudl not be in there and if in a cafe the customers look a a disable person as if they are dirt sitting in there and move or make no room for them to get near or pass by. so to be honest disabled needs respect from every one. As they are like every one else that have a disability that for some is not fault of there own, some liek my son was worn with it and part of his was caused by a doctors negect at birth who never read the record of what was down about the problem he had at birth and never treated him. my son would like to be treated by all with respect anbd that is the public at large, sorry to say that to you all . but thank you Disabled Motoring for being there for our help and things that we can get.

Jillian Jones's Gravatar
Jillian Jones

Saturday, February, 3rd, 2018

I was given disability living allowance and mobility for life as I have a number of things wrong with me, I suffer with fibromyalgia, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and COPD depression and anxiety attacks, I have diabetes type 2, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, hiatus hernia, I don't go out much now as I am frightened the car we have brakes down, I used to be able to visit friends and family when I had my mobility car, now i'am to afraid to go out on my own for this reason, I can't walk far because of the fibromyalgia and arthritis as it is too painful, when they came to assess me the woman who came asked me how far I could walk I said not very far she said well how far is that I said about to where the car is which was just by the gate she wrote down that I could walk 25m my car is about 3 or 4 yards away & I have to rest half way to the car, if I go to town I have to have someone with me, & make sure there are places I can sit down, as I said I can't walk very far without being in a lot of pain

shelley wills's Gravatar
shelley wills

Sunday, February, 4th, 2018

my name is shelley I have been disabled now for 15 year's I was beaten by my ex partner I agree with the system of them reviewing it because there is people out there who can't be bothered to work and say look at me i'm depressed and use the benefit money as a get out. when there people like myself who had to fight for what I have got. I would be house bond with out my car and my husband I can not drive due to my fit's and my ankle give's way with no warning. as the lady above said disabled people need respect my son is 9 and i'm in a wheelchair and we get giggle at oh look at her it hurt's my son more then word's can say and he has asd/adhd so day's are hard.

Clare's Gravatar

Friday, February, 9th, 2018

This re think can only help but for many it's too late for anxieties and monetary worries which have been thrust on them because of a lack of fundamental respect and real understanding of the issue's faced every day by the disabled community the realities of life not this box ticking other reality which seems just to exist to make money by depriving people of the help they need this seems a lot of effort for in reality a small percentage of the U.K.s population