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EVs and Hybrids Become BMW's Main Focus

Posted in General News on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

BMW is aiming to produce 25 new vehicles which are in some way powered by electric by 2025. In a major step towards achieving this aim the German car manufacturer has recently trademarked a number of potential model names including, iX1 to iX9, X8 and X9. This means that the BMW team has given themselves the potential to produce further models following on from the X7, a large SUV crossover vehicle with three rows of seats which will be coming to the market later this year. The firm is using the term iNext to refer to this new generation of electric models and BMWs top of the range electric cars will have the latest lithium-ion batteries which will mean that these vehicles will be able to reach distances of up to 434 miles on a single charge. BMW Sales and Marketing Board Member, Ian Robertson commented: “We’re intent on expanding our footprint in the luxury segment. We see this as a growth engine, an ability to be more profitable.”   

 The BMW team is aiming to reach the most ambitious production targets in the company’s history with 40 new BMW models expected to be on the market by the end of this year.

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