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Driving Examiners on Strike

Posted in General News on Friday, December 1st, 2017

From 4th December to 5th December all driving examiners belonging to the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) will be taking strike action against the changes that are being made to the practical driving test which is being introduced on 4th December. Driving examiners’ main concern is the addition of a new manoeuvre which requires candidates to park up on the right side of the road (opposite side), reverse for two car lengths and then re-join traffic. The driving examiners who are taking part in the strike are also concerned about the changes that will be made to their contracts. The union stated that examiners will be made to work longer hours for no extra pay when the test comes in. The DVSA argues that the union is using the new test as an excuse to strike over contracts which the union previously agreed to. In conjunction with this strike, driving examiners belonging to the union have placed a ban on overtime and they have also been working to rule since 23rd November. PCS are hopeful that the strike will cause wide spread disruption for the DVSA and force the agency to listen to examiners demands. Unfortunately, from their point of view, the DVSA recently pointed out that only around a third of the UK’s driving examiners are members of PCS so it is very unlikely that the two day strike will have the impact that examiners are hoping for.

PCS has called for the new practical driving test to be suspended while a full safety review is carried out and they have also demanded that examiners conduct a maximum of six driving tests per day. In response to these demands the DVSA made it clear that the new practical driving test has been subjected to a large amount of risk assessments and that it was part of the biggest trial ever to take place in the industry of driver training. DVSA Chief Executive, Gareth Llewellyn commented: “The fact PCS is trying to undermine the launch of the new test by calling for strike action shows a shameful disregard for both road safety and learner drivers who have worked so hard to be ready to take their test. The new driving test has been designed to make sure new drivers have the skills they need to help them through a lifetime of safe driving. It is one step in helping reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on Britain’s roads.”

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