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A Lifetime of Driving

Posted in General News on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

The vehicle leasing firm, has recently looked into the average costs of driving over a 65 year period.  The firm discovered that the average Brit will drive nearly 600,000 miles in their lifetime which is the equivalent of travelling to the moon and back. The cost of insuring a vehicle over this many miles, with the typical car insurance quote being £485 per annum, would be £31,525.  Furthermore, those who dedicate just one hour each year to finding the cheapest possible car insurance quote will spend a total of two and a half days doing this during their motoring lives. The average price for a gallon of petrol at the moment is £5.36. This means that the average driver will spend £83,570 on petrol over 65 years. Tim Alcock from commented: “We all know driving is expensive but it was only once we crunched the existing numbers that we got a real understanding of just how much it costs us in time and money. When you realise that you could drive around the world 24 times in your motoring lifetime, or spend the cost of a small house on fuel, it definitely hammers home how important it is to be efficient in your driving and take the expenses seriously.”


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